Interesting English Phrases to say – Someone is Pregnant

In English language, there are different phrases one can use to announce the big news. Well, the big news is to say when somebody is pregnant. This English lesson will help you learn new vocabulary and English phrases to announce, someone is pregnant.


Example – My sister in law is expecting her first child.

Carrying a child

Example – Benny is carrying John’s child

Preggers/Preggo  (slang terms)

Example –  I heard your wife is preggo!

Up the duff –

This term is used to describe an unplanned pregnancy.

Example – My neighbor got Jessica up the duff.

In the pudding club

Example – Did you know, Amy’s in the pudding club?

Up the spout  (Scotland)

Example- She’s up the spout again

Have a bun in the oven

Example – We heard Ben’s got a bun in the oven

Knocked up

(Not very polite) This phrase is used among teenagers especially with teenage pregnancy)

Example – The guy didn’t use protection and got this girl knocked up.

Eating for two

This is considered to be an old-fashioned advice but also a good phrase to use to announce the big news.

Example – Nancy is been eating for two now!

In the family way

This is a very formal way of talking about a woman who is pregnant and is quite an old idiom which is actually dying out.

Example – Mary’s in the family way and is due to deliver on May 19th this year.

I hope this Spoken English lesson has helped you learn new phrases and vocabulary to say someone is pregnant.


Complete Lesson Transcript –

Hello and welcome, everybody, I am Niharika and in today’s lesson, we are gonna look at some phrases to talk about when someone is pregnant. Now probably it’s your wife, your friend, your neighbour or probably it’s your girlfriend who’s pregnant. So what are the phrases that you can use to announce the big news? Well, that’s what we’re gonna learn today.


So the first one is very simple and very formal, when you say, Oh my wife is expecting or she’s expecting. So expecting is a very formal way of saying, when someone is pregnant. Okay so if it’s your friend who’s pregnant, you can say, oh Benny is expecting her first child or her second child. Okay so if she’s pregnant for the second time, then you can say she’s expecting her second child.

Okay, the second one that we have is carrying a child. Now this phrase is also pretty formal. Okay used by almost everyone. So if your wife is pregnant, you can say she’s carrying my child. Okay so, the a can also be used with a name, so like, if your neighbour is pregnant, then you can say, oh she’s carrying John’s child or if it’s wife, then you can say, she’s carrying my child or if you don’t know who her husband is or you don’t know who the father is, then you can just say that she’s carrying a child.

Okay, then the third one, well this is a slang. Well it’s an American slang and it’s pronounced as preggers or another word is preggo. She’s preggo or my neighbour is preggo or she’s preggers. Okay, so these are two slang words that you can use for someone who’s pregnant. Pretty simple, right?

Now let’s have a look at the fourth one. Now the phrases from here, from here to the end, all of these phrases are slang terms. They are pretty interesting. So let’s learn about them.

So up the duff, now up the duff is for someone who is pregnant but it’s an unplanned pregnancy. So probably, a couple who’s not planning to have a baby. Okay it’s an unplanned pregnancy but the woman got pregnant, so this is the right phrase to use. Hey, you know what; Ben got Jenny up the duff. So which means maybe it was an unplanned pregnancy and you want to talk about it, that she’s pregnant now. So you’re gonna say, Ben got Jenny up the duff. Okay.

The next one, in the pudding club. Now in the pudding club also means that a woman is pregnant. Okay, so if my cousin like she called me last night. Well, that’s what brings me to do this lesson today, because she called me to give the big news and that’s what she said, hey Niharika, you know what, well you need to welcome me to the pudding club. So which means that she’s pregnant. Big news, right? So to announce the big news, this is also a great phrase to use that now; I am in the pudding club, which means I am pregnant, okay.

The next one, up the spout. Now up the spout again it means a woman is pregnant but this phrase belongs to Scotland. It’s commonly used in Scotland but of course, since you’re learning English, you can also use this phrase if someone is pregnant, you can say, well my wife is up the spout again which means she’s pregnant again. Okay, or my neighbour or my friend or my girlfriend is up the spout.

Okay, now let’s have a look at another one. Have a bun in the oven. Well, that’s pretty hilarious. Well probably, the mom is the oven and the baby is the bun. So have a bun in the oven. So that’s again, to be pregnant. It’s quite a funny idiom or a funny slang phrase, right? So use it, people would find it funny. If you think a woman looks a little hefty or a little fat. Maybe you can pop the question; hey do you have a bun in the oven? So which means are you pregnant? Okay, so that’s how you can use this phrase.

The next one, knocked up. Oh, my God, my friend got this girl knocked up. Now, this is not a very nice way of saying, knocked up, okay. So don’t use it, it’s not considered to be polite. So please remember, it’s not a very polite term but you can use it. Okay remember the movie, knocked up. Well, the guy didn’t use protection and the girl got pregnant. Sad, right? So she got knocked up, which means she is pregnant, right? So do not use it, if you’re using it for your friends and family. Okay, not a very nice, polite term. Just use it if you’re sitting among your friends and discussing it with your friends.

Okay, the next one, eating for two. Well, a very traditional, old traditional advice given by people, especially your grandmoms. They’ll be like honey, you’re pregnant, you need for two. So eating for two means the woman is pregnant. So for example, you’re with your family, okay and you want to give this big news and you say, oh you know what, my daughter-in-law is now eating for two. So immediately people will know that your daughter-in-law is pregnant, okay. So that’s how you can use this phrase and now let’s have a look at the last one, in the family way.

Well again this is a very, very old idiom, okay and it’s been used for several years but these days it’s just dying out. So please do use it, okay. In the family way, it’s a very formal way of saying that my friend or we are in the family way. So which means that you as a couple are expecting your child. Okay, so that’s how you can use this phrase.

Okay, so this brings me to the end of this lesson. These phrases are really simple and funny too. So go ahead, use them if your friend or your family member or your girlfriend is pregnant. I’ll be back with a new lesson, till then you take care and have a great day.

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