Learn to express Emotions through Interjections

Interjections in English are words that are used in our everyday English conversations. They are not so much sounds than they are words that depict our emotions. For instance, surprise, agreement, disagreement, sarcasm, dismay etc. In this Spoken English lesson you are viewing a conversation between Rebecca and Michelle where they use some interesting interjections to express their emotions which can in turn help you to express emotions in your everyday conversations using “expressive interjections”.

1. WOW

This interjection is used to express multiple reactions.
It can be used to express:
Surprise- Wow! You won the match.
Sadness: – Wow! I’m really sorry to hear that your husband lost his job.

2. OUCH / OW

Either of these can be used for showing pain in the moment when you hurt yourself:
“Ow!I banged my knee on the corner of the table.”


The function of these interjections is to express disgust or hate.
Example:  “Ew! Your wardrobe stinks. Do you even wash your clothes?”.

4. AHA!

Best used when you suddenly understand/ discover something, as a thinking word, to express contempt.
Example-  In a Math test: “Aha! I got the answer. ” (finding)

Contempt: Ah! Look what you’ve done! You’ve ruined it!
Understanding: Ah. I see what you mean.
Thinking: Ah…that’s not exactly what I meant.


When you make a mistake or react to a mistake you can use these interjections:
To make a mistake:
“Oops – I just spilled my soda all over the table.”
“I’ll get some paper towels to clean it up.

Reaction to a mistake:
“I borrowed a book from my teacher and then left it on the bus.”
“Whoops! Was she mad?”


Use these interjections to express sarcasm. They should only be used with very close friends, because they would be offensive and inappropriate in a business context or a social context.
Duh is used in reaction to an extremely obvious statement:
1. “Hey, did you know you can share pictures on Facebook?”
2. Whoop-dee-doo is used when you want to say something is not as great as it seems. It’s like “Who cares?”
“I won $20 in the lottery!”
3. La-dee-dah is also used to express “I don’t really care,” in reaction to somebody else trying to sound impressive or show off:
“My boyfriend bought me a Ferrari.”
“Well, la-dee-dah.“

7. UM / UH

Use these interjections to pause while you think of what to say next.
Example: “How many students are there at your university?”
“Um, I’m not sure. I think around 1,000 – but I’ll have to find out from the website.”

8. GAH:

This word is used to express despair or hopelessness.
Example: Gah! I give up!

9. Bah:

This is a dismissive interjection.
Example: Bah! You never liked him anyways.

10. Doh!

Meaning: That way stupid!
Example: I just deleted all my files. Doh!

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