Learn 4 tips – Asking your boss for a salary raise.

In this business English lesson you will learn how to speak to your boss for a salary raise. It takes a great deal of maturity to approach your boss for a promotion or for an increment. Before approaching your boss it’s important to do your homework well. In this Business English lesson you will learn some tips in order to ask for a promotion or for a raise in your salary.

 Be subtle in tone –

One should keep in mind that being subtle is ideal. Instead of asking directly for the much awaited promotion you can ask for more work or responsibilities. This would show you dedication towards the company and also your willingness to work hard in order to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. When you are doing so please make sure to be polite and respectful towards your boss.

Go loud about your work –

Talk professionally about the things you have done and how you have managed your job profile well. You need to talk about your achievements. Assemble all your strength and your contributions towards the company’s success and put it forward in front of your boss.

Never badmouth your co-workers –

One needs to understand that badmouthing about your co-workers is not going to leave a good impression about you in front of your boss neither will it not reflect well on your personality. Rather than badmouthing others talk about being a team player. A good team player is always an asset to the company.

Stop Cribbing –

Your words play an important role when you ask for a promotion or a raise. Therefore never crib or complain about your job to anybody. Things that you need to avoid saying are – ” I have been slogging for years now” or ” My co-workers are better paid than me” Be positive and talk about the good things in your job that would be appreciated by your boss.

Brush up your English communication skills and use these tips to have a successful outcome.

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