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Beginners in English struggle to speak English fluently and confidently due to little knowledge of advanced English vocabulary. To improve your English Fluency and speak Fluent English you need to increase you vocabulary and learn advanced English words used in daily English conversation. In this English speaking Lesson with your native English teacher you will learn some useful phrasal verbs to talk about emotions in English. We all experience emotions but talking about them at times becomes difficult if English is not your native language. This Spoken English Lesson would be a great help.

Complete Lesson Transcript :

Hello friends I’m Tash and I welcome you to a new lesson. ‘Emotions’, a very big word, we use it so often, right? Emotion, he is emotional, she is emotional, why do you get so emotional? But what does emotional mean? Or what do emotions mean? Okay now, emotions not only means you are being sad or you are being upset, it also means that you’re happy, you’re very excited, you are, you know, you’re overexcited, you were just so happy about everything that’s around you and sometimes you’re sad, sometimes you don’t know how to react that also is a part of being emotional, okay? So don’t always associate emotions with being sad but you can also associate it with being happy, excited and so on… okay? So let’s have a look at the first, it says ‘cheer up’, okay? Cheer up, what does it mean and when do you use cheer up? Cheer up is usually told to a person who is in a very upset mood or who does not wanna do anything else apart from being sitting there in one place. So you tell the person or maybe he’s lost a competition or he’s not done as good as he was supposed to do. So you tell the person, cheer up buddy, it’s okay, you will do better next time. So cheer up is usually encouraging someone, right? You are encouraging somebody. So encourage, okay? It is a verb, you are cheering up someone. However, when you know, you’re telling a person that cheer up, cheer up, cheer up… so you’re telling the person that please get up and move on, right? Don’t just sit down there. So when a person is sad, he usually needs to cheer up. The next one says, ‘lash out’. Okay a friend of mine, who is a very good friend of mine, she cannot control her emotion when she is very angry, do you know what she does is, she… anybody and anybody who comes there in front of her at that point, she just lashes them out, she just ask them to get out, okay? So when you are very agitated or very angry, that’s what this emotion talks about. You actually lash out everybody who comes your way. Okay so you basically tell the person to move away or get out, okay? To move away… That’s about lashing out. When you use it in a phrase you could say, ‘my friend lashes out everybody who comes in front of her when she’s angry’ okay? So, lash out. ‘Calm down’, I’m sure we’re all aware of what is calming down, now what is calm down? It’s a process which is you know, bringing you from an agitated or an angry mood to a relaxed mood, okay? You know, you tend to tell people to calm down, when they’re very angry, when they just get hyperactive and they start throwing things or they start shouting around the people, so you tell them listen, ‘you need to calm down right now’, okay? Or when you, maybe when your boss is very angry and you don’t want to go in front of him you say okay, ‘I’m not gonna go in front of my boss till he calms down, right? So calming down basically means relaxing, okay so relax. ‘Choke up’. Okay this happens with me also. I get choked up when I see a very nice movie or a you know a romantic comedy but I usually love watching, so you know what happens in a romantic comedy all the emotions just get piled up so much, you know, in a moment there is happiness in a moment somebody’s just crying or somebody’s just sorrowful and you know, it builds onto you and you get choked up, by the end of it you don’t know how to let it out, you just, it’s just there, you know, you can talk, especially it happens and when you know when you get choked up you just can’t talk, okay? I’m sure you’ve experienced this also and you will relate to it. So chalk up is you know when you can’t really talk, okay? So it’s, can’t talk, you just can’t talk when you’re choked up. You know what phrase you can use over there, you could say, that the last time or ‘Sam spoke to me about how he choked up when he met his mom last time’. Choking up is usually happens when you have mixed emotions, okay? Yeah, ‘letting someone down’. What is the letting someone down mean? It means that you disappoint somebody, okay? You disappoint your parents many times, your parents are not accepting or not expecting you to do a certain thing and you actually end up doing that, right? And then by the end of it you actually tell them that, ‘Oh mom, I’m really sorry, I let you down.’ Okay so, letting somebody down is, disappointing somebody, okay? Disappointing someone, which I’m sure you hate to do, Okay so you can, you know why it’s written here someone, because we usually let people down, okay so these are people that were talking about. ‘Bottle up’. Okay, what is bottle up? Bottled up is when you are a person who is very strong from inside, who knows how to hide his or her emotions, okay? But which is very, very unhealthy. Trust me people as human beings we should always let our emotions out, you know you should never keep them inside. So you know bottling up is very unhealthy or you could say, ‘my friend always bottles up her emotions which I don’t think is very healthy’, okay? So bottling up or bottled up is, to keep your emotions, keep emotions or you could say not expressing, yeah? You’re not expressing your emotions, okay? So not expressing… you could either use any of them. The next one says, ‘lighten up’ or ‘loosen up’. So what is this lighten up means what? Light up the room? No. Many people are especially people who are in a very serious job have a problem, you know I call that a problem. They don’t want to take things lightly, they want to take everything so seriously under the earth, I mean on earth and under the Sun, they want to take everything so seriously. I don’t know why to do that, but probably it’s just an emotion which is within them. So at times if you come across people like this, you would you know maybe you want to suggest them that, ‘Mary you should lighten up things or it’s not gonna be good for you’, you know because the more you take things seriously the more you become a very serious kind of person and then that emotion grows on you, and it gets very, very strong. So lighten up or loosen up is to take things easily or say lightly, things lightly, okay? Lightly. And the last one here is, ‘grow on’… okay grow on, what are we talking about? Something is growing? No. We’re talking about let’s say the best example is a cousin of mine who lives in the States, does not like Oprah, okay? But her friends are very fond of Oprah and just last week she told me that, ‘how Oprah grew on to her’, what does that mean? It means that now she started loving Oprah, she didn’t like it initially, however gradually and eventually it has started growing on to her and she has started liking it herself. Okay so the emotion which was there in her which she… the motion of not liking something has grown on to liking something, okay? So grow on is to build, it’s basically building on, building on, okay? It just eventually and slowly and gradually it’s building onto you, you’ve not liked it something, I mean you’ve not liked something before but now that you’ve been seeing it quite often and you know this happens in an arranged marriage, I have noticed this, a friend of mine who went to see a guy for the first time and she was so upset she was like okay I’m not getting into this marriage, not getting into an arranged marriage at all, however she started meeting the guy, dating the guy and eventually you could say he grew on to her, okay? She started liking him it just builds on. So friends that was about phrasal verbs with emotions okay, and I am so sure that you have come across all of these at one point or the other but then we don’t know how to put our emotions together, we don’t know how to use our emotions, we don’t know how to speak about our emotions, okay? So I hope this lesson is gonna help you, talking about your emotions, the next time that you meet your friends, go on and discuss about your emotions, okay… So that’s all for me for now, thanks for watching, keep learning, keep watching, take care, I shall see you next time.

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