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In this English lesson by Niharika you will learn English phrases with the word NO which are used in everyday English conversation. Practice these phrases to improve your English speaking skills.

No Big Deal : Used to indicate that something is of little consequence.
Eg:  We have to pay a little extra for the tickets, it’s no big deal.
No Hard feelings : No feeling of being upset or angry
 Eg: I hope you don’t have any hard feelings after the meeting yesterday.
No kidding : Used to express surprise or disbelief
Eg: He actually proposed to her in front of the entire office, no kidding!
No offence : Generally accompanies a statement that could be regarded as insulting but is not meant to be.
Eg: Excuse the comment last evening , no offence meant.
No pain no gain : It is necessary to suffer or work hard in order to succeed
Eg: I need to hit the gym regularly now, as they say , no pain no gain.
No way : Certainly not
Eg: There’s no way our candidate will lose these elections
No wonder : It is not surprising
Eg: Your first trip to London ? No wonder you’re so excited!

Complete Lesson Transcript: –

“No”, when do we use the word ‘no’ in English? Often to deny something. For example, “can I go for the party please?” “No.” “do you want to eat something?” “No.” “can I please come with you?” “No.” When do we use it? To deny. However, there are some phrases in English that you can use which begin with the word, ‘no’ but, the meaning is completely different, well that’s what we are gonna learn today. Hi friends, I am Niharika and welcome back, well in today’s lesson we are gonna look at some phrases, 7 phrases in English that begin with the word ‘no’ but doesn’t mean that we are trying to deny something, that means something different altogether. So what are these phrases and how do you use it in your daily conversation? Well that’s what we’re gonna learn so let’s start with the first one which is, “no big deal”. Now when do you use this phrase? When something is not difficult or there’s no problem or it’s not troublesome. So someone requests you to do something, “hey can you help me with this project please?” And you think it’s not a problem at all, yeah, it’s not difficult, it’s not troublesome for you… so rather than just saying ‘oh, no’ you can say, “no big deal”, So ‘no big deal’ is actually not a denial but this phrase is used in a positive sentence wherein you are telling someone that yes, no problem, no big deal, I can do this for you, like if you tell your husband in the night, “honey, I am so exhausted can you help me do the dishes, please?” And he has no problem, he doesn’t think that it’s troublesome for him, so he’s gonna say, “No big deal honey, I’ll help you with the dishes”, okay? So that’s how you can use this phrase, a very similar to this one is “no biggie” and remember both these phrases are informal English phrases, okay? So either you can say ‘no big deal’ or you can say ‘no biggie’, okay? The next one, “no hard feelings”. Now ‘no hard feelings’ the actual meaning of this phrase is that you are not angry, okay? But how do you use this phrase in your conversation? So for example, someone apologizes to you for something but you’re not angry that situation has not upset you or made you angry, so to convey that to that other person you would say, ‘no hard feelings’. For example, your friend forgot your birthday, she’s your best friend and guess what, she forgot your birthday, now that might upset you, but hey you know what, you’re not upset, you’re not angry. So when she calls you the next day and she says that “oh my god, I am so sorry, I forgot your birthday, how could this happen…” now since you’re not upset, you’re gonna say, “oh that’s okay, no hard feelings.” So here you convey that it’s okay and using the phrase ‘no hard feelings’ it means that you’re not upset or you’re not angry, okay? So that’s how you will use this phrase. Let’s have a look at the third phrase which is, “no kidding”. Now ‘no kidding’ can be used in three ways, it means that it has three different meanings… the first meaning. You use it to add that emphasis to a true statement. So someone said something and you want to add that emphasis to it that yes, this is true so you’re gonna use the phrase, ‘no kidding’. For example your mom says that “this mall is so expensive” now you totally agree to it, so you want to add that emphasis to this statement you’re gonna say, “no kidding, I saw these denims which are just fabulous but they were ridiculously priced.” So yes it means that it is expensive so that’s how you can use this phrase. The other way that you can use this phrase ‘no kidding’ is to show mild surprise, for example your friend tells you that, “hey you know what I am buying a new BMW car” and you are surprised you’re like, “no kidding, that’s amazing, congratulations.” So to express mild surprise, you can use the expression, ‘no kidding’. And then the third way that you can use this expression is to sound a little sarcastic, okay? So now your friend tells you, “I am buying a BMW car” and she has mentioned this like ten thousand times, so you have heard it over and over again and now you’re like, “no kidding, you’ve told this to me like ten thousand times” so you are adding some sarcasm, okay? So when you want to add sarcasm you can use the expression, ‘no kidding’ when you want to emphasize a true statement you will use, ‘no kidding’ and when you want to show a little bit of surprise that you gonna use the expression, ‘no kidding’, wow that’s great, okay? The next one, “no offense”. Now when do you use this expression ‘no offense’? When you do not intend to insult someone. So here you don’t mean to insult someone but you also want to make a point, so for example y’all our group of boys discussing something okay and there is another girl also in your group and you want to just pass a comment about girls in general, but now this girl is also in your group, so you don’t really want to insult her in any way, so before making your point you would say that, ‘no offense’. So for example y’all are saying that, “girls can be so dumb at times”, now you don’t want to insult this girl in your group so you’re gonna say, that “no offense Laura, but girls can be so dumb at times.” So you say ‘no offense’ which means that do not get offended, but this is what I have to say or this is a point that I want to make. So you kind of um want to make these insults, socially acceptable okay so this is when you would use this phrase. And the next phrase that I have for you is “no pain no gain”. Most of the times it’s your fitness instructor or you know sports people love to use this saying that ‘no pain no gain’ which actually means that until you don’t suffer too much, until it doesn’t hurt much, you are not gonna be able to achieve something. So if you want to be successful, if you want to achieve something, then it’s important that you need to put in a lot of hard work and put in a lot of pain. So for example, now that I have gained too much weight I go to a gym and I say that, “huh, I have to lose weight” and then when I start exercising my muscles, my body hurts too much and I say, “ouch, my muscles hurt, I am done…” so my fitness trainer would say, “Niharika, no pain no gain.” So which means that it has to hurt, you need to suffer if you want to look good and if you want to lose weight. So that’s the saying that if you want to succeed, if you want to achieve something then you have to put in a lot of hard work. Alright, and then I have another expression for you which is, “no way”. So ‘no way’ can be used in two ways the first one is when something is just impossible. So for example, you have a movie at 8 p.m. and guess what you are still stuck in a bad traffic jam, whoops, I’m sure you’re not gonna reach by 8:00 p.m. because you’re stuck in traffic, so you are gonna call your girlfriend’s or you’re gonna call your wife who’s waiting for you at the movie theatre and you’re gonna say, “honey, guess what, there’s no way I’m gonna be able to make it at 8:00, because I am stuck in a bad Jam.” That’s how you will use this which means that it’s just impossible that I’m gonna reach at 8:00 and the other way that you can use ‘no way’ is when you want to show or Express a strong denial. For example, your daughter comes to you and says, “Mom, can I go for this party please? And your mom is definitely not gonna agree to it, so she’s gonna express her strong denial by saying, “no way… no way, you’re going for the party.” So rather than just saying it’s simple ‘no’ just add it a little more and express that “no way you’re doing that”, okay? And then the last expression that I have for you is, “no wonder”. So ‘no wonder’, the meaning of this expression is that it’s not surprising. So you know there are some things when you just get the logic when you just understand the logic and it’s not surprising to you, you express it by saying ‘no wonder’. So this is baby who’s crying, constantly crying and then you realize that he has pooped in his diaper or his diaper is too full and then you’re like, “yeah, no wonder he’s crying so much…” So it’s not surprising, he was irritated, he was annoyed because his diaper was full. So that’s how you would Express when something is just not surprising to you and you get the logic and you understand it well, you express it by saying, ‘no wonder’, okay? So these are the seven expressions that you can use in your daily conversations, use them, they’re very simple and quite interesting and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care.

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