Learn English Expressions used to ‘Guess’ OR ‘Estimate’

  In this free English lesson you will learn English expressions and phrases used while you guess or estimate about something. Sometimes we don’t know for sure.  But we have a vague idea about things, like say the cost of things, or things that are likely to happen or maybe even what someone might say or think.  That’s when we guess or estimate.  So guessing or estimating is to give an answer to a particular question when you do not have all the facts or when you don’t have sufficient information

 Off the top of my head- -used when you are plainly guessing

Example : Off the top of my head, this phone would be worth £300

 Knowing him, he will be late/angry/excited-used when you are making a guess based on what you already know

Example : Knowing Bryan, he will probably take the train, he hates driving.

 If I had to take a guess, I’d say- a guess made based on your opinion

Example : If I had to take a guess, I’d say he was over 40 years old

 It’s difficult to say, but I think….. used when making a guess is quite difficult

Example : It’s difficult to say, but I think anyone can won this match now.

 I wouldn’t be surprised if……you feel that a certain thing is quite possible

Example : I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves his job, he is too stressed for the kind of work he does.

 I bet…..you are more sure in your guess or estimate

Example : I bet he’s gonna ask me out tonight, he just can’t stop staring

 We’re talking maybe…..-informal way of giving an approximate number

Example : We’re talking maybe 40000 sq feet to build this house upon

 It’s somewhere in the ballpark of …-used mainly when guessing an amount of money

Example : She gets paid somewhere in the ballpark of 10 million dollars to host that show

 Your guess is as good as mine- when u have no idea and u’d rather not guess, any guess can be correct or incorrect

Example : When someone says to you ..”Don’t even know if Mary will show up for the wedding..” and you have no idea , you just say..”well, Your guess is as good as mine”

We hope this English lesson has helped you in many ways to learn English expressions to talk about  guessing and estimating in English.


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