Learn English phrases – Talking about different ways to spend money.

In this spoken English lesson you will learn different English expressions and phrases to talk about spending money. Take a look at these different expressions below:

To splurge on –

Meaning : To spend extravagantly or wastefully:

To splash out

Meaning : To spend a lot of money on buying things, especially things those are pleasant to have but that you do not need:

To squander

Meaning : To spend wastefully or extravagantly

To buy for a song

Meaning : To buy something very cheap

To burn a hole in one’s pocket

Meaning : One can’t keep from spending whatever money one has.

To chip in

Meaning : If people chip in, they each give some money to help pay for something

To Shell out

Meaning : To spend a certain amount of money for something.

To foot the bill

Meaning :  To pay for something; usually to pay for a bill.

To go Dutch

Meaning : When two partners on a date choose to pay their own respective portions of the bill instead of the man paying for it all.


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  • Hi! could you write sentences using the vocabulary? I think that the explanations are perfect, but I miss some sentences using the vocabulary taught. Thanks.

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