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Learn English Slang Words & Phrases for Different Body Parts | Informal Vocabulary

Spoken English is different from that you find in text books or English learning books. That’s more formal English. But, in real world fluent English speakers or native speakers use a lot of English slang words and phrases, that’s the way English is spoken on the streets. In today’ s English speaking Practice lesson with Niharika you will learn interesting Slang words and phrases for different body parts, there slang words are often used in daily English conversations with friends and family, please don’t use them in formal English, they are meant to be spoken in Informal English. Let us know in the comments how you found this lesson, subscribe and stay tuned for more English lessons to come.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Do you watch English movies? Well I’m sure you do. Now there are certain words that they use which kind of are difficult for us to understand. Well the reason because that’s informal English. Well many actors tend to use a lot of slang terms. So in today’s lesson we are gonna look at certain slang terms for our body parts. Yes well of course we know our body parts our head, our eyes, our stomach, our legs, our arms but guess what in English, that is an informal English we do have slang terms for our body parts and that’s what we’re gonna learn in today’s lesson. Hey friends, welcome back you’re with me Niharika and as I said today we’re gonna look at slang terms for our body parts. When you ask a kid “hey honey, where is your stomach?” and then he points out to this stomach. Well you end up asking about different body parts, but today we are gonna specifically look at slang terms. Now these slang terms differ from country to country and most of these slang terms are American slang terms, okay? So we gonna start with “dome”. Well dome is a slang word for your head and in fact there’s another slang term for your head which is “noodle”, okay? So these are the two slang terms that you can use for your head, right? Have you heard that before, especially when you watch Hollywood films? Well I’m sure you have and now you know what exactly does this really mean. So dome and noodle is used for head. Moving on to the next one which is “mug”. “Huh! Look at your mug.” So what’s look at your mug? Well look at your face, okay? So mug is a slang term used for your face, quite interesting, right? Moving on to the next one which is “honker” and then there’s another one which is “beak”. Well do you have friends who have this long nose, long and really sharp nose? You just gonna say, “ah you have a funny nose or you have a long nose.” Well there are better terms that you can use for your friends if they have long nose well we have honker and beak, okay? So these two terms can be particularly used for the people who have long sharp nose, okay? Moving on to the next one which is, “peepers”. Yes I’m talking about your eyes. Well I have peepers and I also have “baby blues”. Well peepers and baby blues are slang terms used for your beautiful eyes however baby blues is particularly used for blue eyes. Ah! I wish I had blue eyes. So papers and baby blues is a slang term for eyes but baby blues is particularly for blue eyes, alright? Moving on to the next one which is, “choppers”. Well yes if you really look at our teeth they really chop the food for us, right? So a slang term for your teeth is choppers, okay? Moving on to the next one which is “trap”. “Huh shut your trap.” So what exactly trap stands for? Well it is a slang term for your mouth. Now when you say, “shut your trap” that’s pretty rude and you can only use in an informal environment, okay? You can’t really tell your boss to shut your trap okay don’t do that. So trap is an informal word a slang word for mouth, alright? The next one which is it? Well it’s “ticker”. I’m talking about your heart. Okay, so like you know have you heard an old man saying that, “hmm, well the doctor says that my ticker is still very strong.” So which means that his heart is still very strong, beats just perfectly. So ticker is a great slang term used for your beautiful heart, okay? Well these are many slang terms that you can start using in your conversation now let’s move on to some more slang terms related to our body parts. We have “jugs” and “twins”. Well jugs and twins the slang terms used for a woman’s breasts. So generally the word jugs, the slang term jugs is used by the men, “ah, look at her jugs”. Well that’s funny but usually when women talk about their breasts they usually end up using the word twins okay, so jugs and twins is a slang term used for a woman’s breasts. The next one is “guns”. Yeah! Well, guns is a slang term used for muscular arms. Like if you are working out and you have great arms, very strong arms, muscular arms then you can use the slang term guns. “Huh! Well look at the boy, well look at his guns”, okay? That’s kind of scary well because the man has muscular arms so that’s guns for you. The next one that I have is “tummy”. “Oh! My tummy is hurting.” So tummy is a slang term used for stomach. Now there are many children also who end up using the word tummy. So it’s a very common slang term used for when you are talking about your stomach, oh my tummy hurts, okay I’m hungry, so it’s a slang term used for your stomach. Okay now I have some more slang terms when you talk about your stomach or your tummy however a fat stomach yes, well when you have too much of fat around your tummy well these are the slang terms that you can use, we have “beer belly” okay when you drink too much of beer people tend to have a fat belly okay, so that’s beer belly. Then we have “pot belly” because your belly starts looking like a pot okay maybe you eat too much, too much of fattening things, too much of junk food and then you have like a big belly so that’s pot belly for you and then I have “muffin top” again when you are trying to wear your pants and there’s this fat that you see around your tummy, looks really funny and if you do have a muffin top you need to start working out at the gym. So it’s beer belly, pot belly and muffin top these are the slang terms that you can use for a fat stomach or a fat tummy, okay? Then you have “belly button”. Well it’s that a kind of button that you need to press? Well not really a belly button is a slang term for your navel, okay? So the little button that’s on your tummy, well that’s called belly button, okay? Then we have “weenie”. Yes weenie is used for penis. Okay a man’s penis. So that’s a slang term that you can use that’s weenie. Then we have “rare end” and we also have “booty”. Now rare end and booty are two slang terms that you can use for your bottom okay, which means when you are talking about someone’s butt, okay? So these are great words that you can use, like for example you are saying, “hey look at that woman’s bottom” well a better word to use “look at a woman’s rare end”, okay? It just sounds a little polite and funny but yes these are the slang terms that you can use, right? So these are many slang terms that usually people tend to use in their informal English so start using them and the next time you’re watching movies I’m sure you don’t get confused you know what exactly they’re talking about and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care.

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