Saying ‘Friend’ is too boring – Why not learn some interesting ways?

The word friend, although a great word, is overused. In this spoken English lesson you would learn English words that are Interesting; we can actually use some this English vocabulary in place of the word friend and increase your English vocabulary. So let’s get started with this English speaking Lesson.

Bestie/BFF (best friend forever) – both the words can be used for your best or closest friend

I love hanging out with my bestie.

Pal – a friend you have known for a long time

Leonard has been my pal for years now.

Buddy – companion

I’ve known Jody since school, she’s a great buddy.

Confidant – a person you can tell all your secrets to and trust to never reveal them

Claire is my most trusted confidant; she has never let me down.

Mate – used a lot in British and Australian English, it means a friend

We have been mates since our first day at dance class.

Comrade – used to talk about a colleague, used formally

We were comrades during the time we served in the army.

A brother from another mother – a friend who is so close to you that he or she is almost like a sibling

Joe is a like a brother from another mother to me, we are inseparable.

Frienemy – someone who pretends to be your friend but actually dislikes you and wishes you harm

Jill is such a frienemy; she always talks negatively about Sarah.

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