10 commonly mispronounced words in English.

mispronounced words in English 

Spoken English is a tricky language and many times pronunciations for certain words can be very confusing. Sometimes, the simplest of English words can end up being the most mispronounced. In this Spoken English lesson let’s look at the correct pronunciation of few such words which would help you to improve your English pronunciation.

Comfortable – comes from two word – comfort + able
Correct pronunciation is ‘Kum-fur-tbl’.
The alphabet “a” is almost silent here.

Breakfast – comes from two words – break + fast
Correct pronunciation is  ‘brek – fst’
Again the “a” is silent here.

February is pronounced as ‘Feb-ru-aree’
Some people pronounce it as ‘Feb-u-aree’ and that is incorrect .
The “r” is not silent

Mortgage is said as ‘Mor-gage’
The “t” is silent here.

Buffet – meaning spread of food is said as ‘Bu-fey’
The “t”at the end is silent .

Mischievious OR Mischievous – meaning someone who is naughty or full of mischief
Pronunciation –‘mis-chee-vi-us’
If you say it as ‘mis-chee-vus’ it is incorrect .

Jewel – is said as ‘Jool’ &
Jewellery is said as  ‘Jool-ri’
The “ewe” is said as “oo” over here.

Recur  comes from re + occur
It is pronounced as – re’-kur

Bowl – is said as ‘bol’ and not ‘bow-ool’
The “w” is silent

Plural – meaning more than one
It is said as ‘Ploo-ral’ and not ‘Plo-ral’
The “u” is pronounced as “oo”

We hope this spoken English lesson has helped you improve your English pronunciation and learned the commonly mispronounced words in English, so that you don’t mispronounce these words incorrectly again.

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