Learn Royal Phrases in English for daily conversation.

We love to talk about people related to the royal power however, in English we do have royal phrases that can be used for common people like us. These phrases are fun to use and will help you to build your vocabulary as well.

Drama Queen –

A person especially a woman who habitually responds to situations in a very melodramatic and exaggerated manner.
Example – You are such a Drama Queen!

Queen Bee –

A woman who thinks that she is the most important person in a group
Example – Natasha is the queen bee of that girl gang.

Prince Charming –

An Attractive,rich , kind man. ( Prince Charming is a stock character who appears in fairy tales)
Example – I’m still waiting for my Prince charming.

Live like a king –

To live a very comfortable and luxurious life
Example – After winning the lottery,Sam lives like a king.

King’s ransom –

A huge amount of money,a fortune
Example – I have to buy a watch for myself, however I don’t want to spend king’s ransom.

Fit for a king –

Something which is really nice and luxurious
Example – Our room at the hotel was fit for a king.

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