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How to look & feel presentable all the time?

Skillopedia video to learn tips on how to look presentable all the time. Looking presentable is very important in today’s times , especially in the professional world . The following tips will help you look , be , feel presentable at all times .

Be confident :

Confidence is definitely key in everything we do & want to achieve . It is no different with looking good or presentable . It’s not entirely based on what one wears ; it’s about being confident , carrying yourself with confidence , speaking confidently . These things make you look and feel presentable .

Take good care of yourself:

Now , although this is a given , it is still a point that needs to be reiterated . If you are a woman , please groom yourself immaculately . Similarly men should take care of their grooming too like their nails , their hair, their hands etc. Personal hygiene is very important . It’s important to be clean , well dressed in clean and well fitting clothes and to smell good .

Dress appropriately for the environment:

Dressing appropriately for the environment you are in is very important . If you are at work , formal or semi formal dressing is preferred . At a dinner party , you may dress in a black tie and suit . Every place we visit has an appropriate dress code , and we should follow it in order to look presentable .

Exercise regularly :

Exercise is of paramount importance . Exercising keeps us fit and keep our body looking good . It enhances the health of our skin , hair and also keeps us energetic and healthy . People who exercise regularly keep their brain fast and active .

Eat well, Eat healthy:

They say , you are what you eat and it’s true . Eating healthy and in a timely manner keeps us healthy . It prevents us from falling ill . It prevents lifestyle diseases . It also gives us much needed energy and keeps us looking good .

Always be yourself :

Nothing can beat being honest , authentic and true to your self . We all possess unique strengths . It’s important to be comfortable in our own skin , with our own personality . This ease and honesty will keep you looking presentable in the best and worst of times .

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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free