Major vs Minor – 07 differences

In this spoken English lesson with Rima you would be learning the various different meanings of the two commonly used words ‘Major & Minor’ in English conversation. These words may seem fairly simple and average but they do have varied meanings and could be used in different ways.

Major could have 3 different primary meanings as mentioned below.

  • Large – My friend heads a major company.
  • Important – My father is going through a major surgery.
  • Serious – I have a major problem to deal with.

On the other hand, Minor also has 3 different meanings primarily.

  • Small- Today, I face a minor issue at work.
  • Not so important – My friend tripped off the wet road and had minor bruises.
  • No to serious – I am going through a minor dental surgery.

Major also talk about age

  • My kids are turning major and would have the voting rights soon.
  • Most countries issue a driving license once you are a major.

Minor talks about someone who is not an adult by law.

  • You are still a minor to watch adult movies.
  • These days a lot of minors are getting into drug abuse and that’s a serious concern.

Major also Minor also talks about college education.

Major in Studies talks about the specialisation on a particular subject.

  • John is a major in social studies.
  • I am confused what should I major in, everyone is majoring in finance.

Minor in college studies indicates the subjects that you don’t specialise in.

  • I have dance and history as my minor subjects at college.

Major & Minor are also used in Music.

Major indicates a major chord and vice versa. Chords are musical notes played together.

We hope you have a learned from this English lesson and understood the difference these two common but versatile words. Keep practising and improve your English speaking skills.

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