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How to make Rude People Like you? Are you a Good and Kind Person?

Is the world around you rude? OR Do you come across rude people? Well, there’s plenty of rudeness in this world. So how to be a Good and kind person to deal with people who are rude and insult you? Here are some 10 simple things to follow to deal with rude people and make them like you. Watch the video on Skillopedia with #Niharika where she brings in some self-improvement tips to groom your personality and deal with rude people around you.

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Complete Video Transcript –

Hey everyone, well it’s such a beautiful today. Well, I am in Auckland, at the Domain Park and it’s just super gorgeous out here. What a better place to do this video today because I love the world. Yes, we do right? But have you noticed? Well, these days the world has become so rude. Well you know the other day, I was talking to my friend and I said that do you feel that the world is really rude these days? So is it just me? A grumpy old lady? Oh well, she laughed and she was like, well yeah, kind of. Well, it is true. You know nowadays be it your friends, be it your family or be it the people living in your apartment, they kind of act as if I don’t exist. Well, there’s plenty of rudeness. Well, even the unfortunate benefit of social media is that it allows people to say things to each other which they would never say face to face to celebrities and regular citizens and kind of go on these rants online and guess what, it just sounds so rude. Well, I can do my best to combat rudeness. Well, in my mother’s words, I’m going to kill them with my kindness. Well yes, I’m trying to be a kinder and a better person and I encourage you to do that too. Now in this lesson today, I’m going to help you with these ten little things that you can do because why not make someone’s day a happier one. So guys let’s have a look at the ten things that you can do that will show that you are such a kind person.

Well, here’s the first little thing, it is compliments. It’s so simple but going out of your way to lift up someone else’s day is really rewarding. Now think of the times, you have felt down and a random compliment, someone who just said, Oh my God, you look so pretty today. Well, you feel great, right/ so, compliment people. Maybe for the way they look today or compliment on their work that, oh my God, this is amazing. What a great job. Keep it up. Well, this would certainly change the world. Well, it is a little thing but it works.

Here is the next one, hold the door open. Well, I have seen so many people, that they just leave the door without even caring if someone is walking right behind them. Like last night, well I had my groceries bag and the guy ahead of me walked into the door and kind of slammed the door, not knowing that I was there or I was not there. Well, he didn’t care. Well, that’s pretty rude. Well if you hold the door for someone, it just shows etiquette. Well yes, it’s the essence of politeness. Now, this would be a very simple act but trust me it will be an honoured one and it definitely shows that what a polished person you are. So the next time, you are exiting or walking into a door, well it’s just gonna take you 10 seconds to hold the door for the other person to come in or to walk out.

Well, this one is my favourite. Give more hugs. Well, apparently humans need 12 hugs a day for good growth. Yes, hugging makes you healthier. You heard it right. It makes you healthier without any pills. So, start giving more hugs. Hugs can be instant and it can really boost Oxytocin levels in your body. Well, it kind of releases these hormones that kind of help a person who is really lonely. So it’s definitely a positive sign for someone to give a hug to the other person. Well, you just show your kindness and your warmth and of course your presence. So well don’t hug random people but definitely your friends, your family, probably your colleagues or someone you know really close. Well, go hug them today.

Hey here is the next act, well respond to emails, texts and phone calls. Well, I’ll be honest even I gotta work on this. Well, one should not ignore your friends and family. You never why they are calling or texting. Well, it can be an emergency and you don’t want to regret. So however busy your schedule is, please remove a minute to call back or text back and I promise I’m gonna work on that too.

Another one is, interact with the people you encounter every day. Now be it your laundry guy or your newspaper vendor. Well, talk to the guys who work at the corner store. Develop a friendly relationship with the lady who makes your coffee every day just the way you like it. Well, these are the people who do our jobs to make our lives easier. So be kind to them and in return see the smile, they have on their face. Shows that you really care, so you know just go ahead and talk to them. Well don’t be over-friendly but yes a little smile, a little hello and just asking that how they are doing today, really works.

Well here is another thing that you can do is stop complaining. You need to start being a little tolerant about things and of course a little flexible in today’s world. So one should stop complaining and arguing or cribbing about little things. Believe me you, your positivity will encourage other people too. So stop complaining.

Here’s the next one, well express your gratitude. I love the words, thank you and please. But we learnt it as kids and I love using them even today. Saying thank you and please are like lubricants, the engine of human interaction. Yes, it works every time. So be it your laundry guy, be it your friends, be it your colleagues, be it the person who opens the door for you. Well, just use the words, thank you and please. Yes, these are my favourite. So never ever delete them from your vocabulary.

Let’s see another thing that you can do. Well, reach out to a person in need. Do you know someone who is ill? Or may be in the hospital or not doing very well? Well, you are not a doctor to treat them but what you can do is, reach out by choosing one of these things. Well, probably you can send them a text message or you can call to check on them or just send flowers or may be a small little card. You know my neighbour did that last year. I had my finger and she made this cute little card which said that, Hey Niharika, get well soon and it had a little bandage on that card and it was nice of her. You know she also got me a balloon along with it and it really made my day. I mean of course my finger was still hurting but it was really sweet of her. So I still have that card. So, guys, you can do that too. You know you can reach out to the people who need you.

Hey, this one is really important, teach your kids kindness. You know kids are the future of our world. If you are a parent or probably you work with young people in a youth organization or in a school, well you need to raise awareness about the needy. You know you need to teach them, that it is so important for you to be kind. Ask them to share their toys, share their books. You know if a needy person or needy kids need books, then you can ask them to share it with them. So, that’s definitely really kind. So make sure that you know kids are the future of the world and you teach them right.

Well here’s the tenth little thing that you can do as an act of kindness, listen to someone who has a problem. Well being a good listener is a grit sign that you can display empathy and warmth. Just listen and try not to interrupt with advice. There will be other opportunities for you to do that. So the next time a person just wants you to hear her out or hear him out, please give your ears. Yes, trust me they would love that and of course, it’s an act of kindness.

So friends if you are a kind person, you will definitely make the world a happier place to be in. You know, in fact, there are researches that, people who get into the loop of being kind, it is definitely followed by a feeling of happiness and of course, they are healthier too. In fact, psychologists call this, the helpers’ high, isn’t that so cool? So if you want to get that helper’s high, follow these ten little things that I just mentioned, they are very little, very small and it just takes about 10 seconds to do it. So spread happiness in this beautiful world and I’ll be back with a new session soon, till then you take care and let me enjoy this amazing weather out here.

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