How to make plans in English?

Do you have any plans this weekend? Are you planning to make any plans? This English lesson by Niharika would cover some useful English phrases and expressions that would come handy while making plans with your friends and family. You will learn some useful English phrases and expressions that would be of great help while learning to converse in English.


We should get together for coffee sometime.

This phrase would be ideal for a situation when you happen to meet your not so close friend and out of courtesy you suggest to meet over a cup of coffee or a drink to get to know each other well.

Let’s do lunch sometime soon.

This English phrase would be ideal when you meet your client and suggest to meet over lunch to discuss business. This phrase indicates your interest to meet someone and is not a definite plan; it’s just a suggestion to plan a business lunch.

Would you be interested for dinner tonight?

This English phrase is ideal to invite someone for a dinner and suggests that you have certain plans to catch up someone over dinner.

Do you want to catch up for a movie tonight?

This English phrase is ideal for asking someone to accompany you for a movie. Moreover it’s an invitation.

How about 4:30?

This phrase is used to confirm the plan which is already set. You are just checking if someone is fine or suitable with the timing of the plan.

Will 5:00 PM work for you?

This phrase is similar to the previous one, it’s just an alternative to confirm the set plan.

We hope you enjoyed this English lesson and learned some useful English phrases that would help you to make plans with your friends and family. Use these phrases to sound confident and fluent in English.

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