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Mistakes made while using ‘Simple Present Tense’

Finished watching the lesson? Now it’s time to take a quiz to find out how much you have learned from this lesson.

1. ______ you like New York?


2. The boy ______ football every evening.


3. He ______ Maria.


4. Samantha and Mary ______ friends.


5. ______ he an intelligent guy?


6. The girls always   _______ to pop music.


7. I always _______ to the bus stop.


8. Does John _____to school?


9. Mr Smith ________Spanish and French.


10. We ______ busy today. You can visit us in the afternoon.


Question 1 of 10

In this lesson, you are going to learn how and when to use the simple present tense.

The verb is always in the present/base form.

  • Example: I like chocolates. (a general taste/preference)
  • Example: He plays tennis regularly. (a general routine or action)
  • Example: The sun rises in the East. (general facts/universal truths)
  • Example: The train leaves at 8 pm. (fixed schedule/time table)
  • Example: I am here now. (not I am Being here)
  • Example: e has his passport in his hand. ( not ‘is having’)

Note: The simple present tense is used when the verbs do not go in the

The continuous form (the ‘ing’ form)


  • Example: Is John intelligent? (no ‘do/does’ with is/am/are)
  • Example: Does he like chocolates? (‘does’ is used for third person singular)
  • Example: Do you wear denims?


  • Example: He is not tall.
  • Example: He doesn’t know me.
  • Example: They don’t play tennis.

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