06 Mobile Phone Etiquette Rules At Workplace

In this Skillopedia video with Michelle you would learn 6 telephone/mobile phone etiquette rules everyone should know at the workplace. Practising good telephone skills are vital at the workplace. These days the most important gadget in our lives is our phone that consumers for a great deal of our time, no matter if you are a teenager or an adult or even middle-aged, your phone seems to be precious and it’s hard to get off it! Do you know that to overuse the cell phone at WORKPLACE is a big NO, as your cell phone use at work can distract you from doing your job and it may even annoy your boss or co-workers Today I have for you 6 tips for you about using your cell phone at your workplace? This is Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world and I am Michelle. And Here are some rules you should follow when using the cell phone at your workplace:

1.  Turn Your Ringer Off:

Having your phone ring loudly with Shakira’s Hips don’t lie, at a meeting or a presentation is beyond embarrassing. So, if you have your cell phone with you at work, don’t let it ring out loud. If you don’t want to turn it off completely, at least set it to vibrate. The sounds of different ring tones playing all the time can be very annoying to others. And of course, you don’t want your boss to know how many times in a day you get calls, do you?  So turn off the ringer at work.

2.  Use Your Cell Phone Only for Important Calls:

If you have your cell phone at work, only use it for important calls. Okay now, you would wanna ask me which call is an important call? The school nurse calling to say your child is ill, your child calling to say he’s arrived home from school safely, and family emergencies that you must deal with immediately are important. Your friend calling to chat, your child calling to say that he spilt coffee on the bed, or your mum calling to tell you your cousin Lilly is engaged can all wait until you are done with work or until you are on a break. PERIOD.

So I guess now you have a clear idea about which calls are important and which are not, so pick up the calls wisely at work.

3. Let Your Cell Phone Calls Go to Voicemail:

Sometimes we don’t know if an incoming call is important, so what do we do then, well, in that case, let the voicemail pick it up. What I mean is let the calls that you don’t pick up forward to a voicemail where people can leave messages for you. Because, it won’t take long to check your messages, but if you answer the call, you may find it hard to end the call and it will consume more of your time than you expected.

4.  Find a Private Place to Make Cell Phone Calls:

Yes, it’s completely okay to use your cell phone at work for private calls during breaks, don’t do it near your desk, find a place away from your desk to make those personal calls.  You don’t want to risk your personal conversation to become an office gossip, so you should find somewhere else to talk, where no one can overhear your conversation. Do this even if what you are discussing isn’t personal. You may be on a break, but your co-workers are not. They could still be interested in hearing your personal conversations and turn them into an office gossip…

5.  Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone Into the Restroom:

Please follow this rule at work or even outside of work. And you ask me, why? Well, if you must ask—you never know who is in there; the person on the other end of the line will hear bathroom sounds, like toilets flushing etc..;  it’s like you are not respecting your co-workers’ privacy and not even the person you are talking to. So please don’t get your phone to the bathroom.

6.  Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone to Meetings:

What I mean here is “Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone to Meetings If You Are Going to Use It for Anything Not Related to the Meeting.” You may have your calendar on your phone, and you may even use an app on it to take notes. If you need to have it with you for those reasons, then you don’t have much of a choice. And you could get the phone to the meeting.

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