Offensive English phrases used in a fight

This English lesson warns you about a few English phrases that you should use when you are fighting with your partner or spouse. Some English phrases are pretty offensive and could lead to a bigger mess in relationships. So beware and avoid using them.

Grow up- in anger people often say this. But, it is very offensive as you indirectly tell someone that they are immature.

Talk to my hand: When you do not want to hear someone saying want to or you want to snub them, then ‘talk to my hand’ is a rude phrase to use.

You always/you never: In a fight, we tend to generalize the other person’s behavior by saying ‘You always hurt me’ or ‘ You never have time for me’. Such generalizations can make matters worse.

Never mind, you don’t get it: Either you say what you want to or just leave it completely. DO not use this phrase and make the other person feel that it’s better not to tell them something as they are not the type to understand what you say.

Your brother is not like you: Comparing is a big No in an argument. People don’t like to be compared to others, especially to their family members.

Suit yourself-a very rude and a different way of saying ‘go to hell’ especially if you are in disagreement to what he/she is saying.

You get on my nerves: Do not say this to anybody, no matter how angry you are. It means that the other person annoys you to no extent.

Whatever/I don’t give a shit: Listen to what your partner says and react intelligently. Do not say ‘whatever/do not give a shit’ it shows you don’t care a damn.

My mother warned me: Indirectly you are telling your partner what a fool you were to overlook what your mother warned you about. Do not say such a thing. Do not involve parents’ opinions in your fight.

Marrying/ dating you was the biggest mistake I have ever made: After you say such a nasty thing, you will realize that being this nasty was the biggest mistake you ever made. So don’t ever think of saying this phrase.

You’ve changed: Fights happen and relationships evolve. But that doesn’t mean you assume that your partner has changed. So do not feel this or say this to them.


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