Personality Adjectives – Words to describe someone’s qualities

There are various English words that can be used to talk about the qualities of a person. Sometimes we just end up saying nice or good and that is not enough. Here is a list personality adjectives that you can use to talk about someone’s qualities.

Warm hearted /friendly – a person who makes friends easily

Ex: Peter is a warm hearted person.

Good – looking – looks beautiful or handsome

Brad Pitt is extremely good – looking, he is my favourite.

Hard – working – someone who puts in a lot of effort in their work/ works hard

Ex: Maria is a hard working girl.

Bright – smart/intelligent

Ex: There is a boy in my class who is very bright, he gets the best grades.

Energetic – full of energy, always moving

Ex: Children are always energetic.

Thoughtful – thinks about others before doing anything

Ex: My aunt Janice is a very thoughtful person.

Easy – going – relaxed, doesn’t get angry fast

Ex: I like easy going people like John.

Reliable – someone you can depend on

Ex: It’s not easy to find a reliable person.

Please use these words to talk about people and their qualities to improve your conversational skills.



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