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Hey, guys! Good morning. Well, I am saying that because today we are talking about our morning routines. I will share with you some morning habits that might be making your entire day unproductive. So stay with me to know those 7-morning habits that you need to ditch. My name is Michelle and keep watching me here at Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.
1. Snooze the alarm

Snoozing the alarm in the morning prevents you from facing the world now. It makes you think that you will be ready for it ten minutes later, although if you are not ready now, you will not be ready later as well. The only way to overcome this habit is by being early to bed and early to rise. If you carefully calculate the number of hours in bed and sleep according to that, you will not be required to snooze your alarm. The most important thing here is to stick to your routine and decision to sleep for a fixed number of hours.

2. Slouching in the bed

Congratulations to you for not snoozing the alarm, I am glad that you woke up. However, what’s the purpose of waking up if you are still laying in the bed, doing nothing? This is called slouching. You waste your time in the bed in unproductive activities. If you choose to wake up at this time and start your day, you will save yourself a lot of regrets as you will get enough time to complete the tasks for the day. So, why slouch in the bed when you can get up and get going for a more fruitful day.

3. Never check your e-mail early in the morning

It’s so tempting to see our phone the first thing in the morning. As soon as we wake up, we reach out for a phone to check the emails, messages and other notifications. This is the time your body is suing all the renewed energy of the night. Are you sure you want to use this resource for checking e-mails? Why not use your fresh and renewed mind for stretching and exercising to boost up the metabolism for rest of the day.

4. A cup of coffee

What do you start your day with? A cup of coffee or a glass of water. For me, it’s a glass of water because it helps my body to remove the toxins. According to science, if you down a cup of coffee early in the morning, you will not be able to deal with the stress in the rest of the day. This is because coffee stops the production of cortisol hormones which are the stress fighting hormones in our body. Time to ditch your morning coffee!

5. Your body is sensitive to light

Our body knows when it’s bright and it also knows when it’s dark. What I mean here is that our body responds to light by producing active hormones that help us go through the day. If you dress up in the dark, you make your body believe that it’s still night time and that’s why you feel lazy and inactive. I am sure you have experienced, the freshness we feel when we slide the curtain and let the morning sunshine fall on us. It rejuvenates us because our body responds to light and acts according to the surrounding.

6.  Why make your bed?

Of course, that’s a genuine question. I always thought why do I need to make my bed, if it has to be messed up again at night, why spend those 15 mins. tidying up my bed? If you want to start your day right, you need to settle your bed. This is the first step to an organized start for the day. Making your bed early in the morning produces a chain reaction which allows you to do other things in the day in an organized manner too.

7. Break the fixed pattern

You have a specific morning routine, we all do, to have water, read the newspaper and dress up for the day. Switch your body to the automatic mode. Multi-task in the morning, to use your energies to the best of their abilities.  Do more than one things at a time in order to be more active and use your morning energy more efficiently.

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