Public Speaking Tips – How to give great Speech?

How to deliver a great speech? That’s the most searched term in public speaking tips category. Developing good presentation skills is an important part of public speaking. In this video today at Skillopedia, learn tips for public speaking on how to deliver a speech that is remembered by your audience for a long time. Watch Ceema as she gives some valuable insights on how to write a good speech and key elements to present it well. Stop boring your audience and understand what makes the audience glued to their seats and listen to you attentively. You are watching this video on Skillopedia, part of Let’s Talk Institute for Personality Development and self improvement. We have hundreds of videos to develop good communication skills, personal growth, motivation skills, inspirational tips to develop self-confidence. Skillopedia is a well known name in the corporate training segment in Mumbai to deliver best personality development course for corporate employees and individuals. 

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Complete Video Transcript :-

Do people get bored when you talk? Or do you feel like what you say is not effective? Well perhaps you are not making an impact with your words. Do you want to be able to deliver the best speech you possibly can? Don’t worry, speaking publicly whether you are giving a presentation at work, cracking the speaking module in your IELTS test or speaking in front of a large audience is really easy. Breathe, because today I’m going to show you, how to say things that really matter. Say things that make people listen to you and say things that really create an impact. So stay tuned with me and watch the complete video on Skillopedia the place to learn skills for the real world and talking about life-changing skills please note that this video is sponsored by SKILLSHARE. All right so a Skillshare is this amazing online platform that has over 19,000 online classes and as you can see there are a variety of skills that you can actually learn from. So this platform can help you become proficient in whatever skill you choose, you’ve got animation you’ve got film production, you’ve got the fine arts, there’s management and we’ve got even data science, pretty cool yeah? Anyway since I am into training, last year I decided I should do some kind of a training on public speaking. So I thought let me enroll in a course that relates to the topic of public speaking and see, what do I get here? So many options related to becoming a great public speaker. However what really caught my eye was this one right here which talks about how I can learn public speaking and presentation and become a really great speaker and this entire class has got 19 step-by-step videos that shows you how to exactly nail the art of public speaking. So guys I would really encourage all of you to sign up with Skillshare, because Skillshare is now offering all of you two months of free premium subscription if you are one of the first 500 people who sign in. And after you finished your free subscription so to speak if you want to extend that you can actually take an annual subscription which is for as low as just $10 per month. So go ahead and use it. I hope you’ve found Skillshare very useful and I will encourage you to make use of it to enhance your life and your career.

Now it’s great to have an amazing vocabulary but frankly most of us in real life are not poets, authors or great thinkers. We understand and relate to simple language. Now imagine you and I, we go to a restaurant, the chef comes in great style and tells us to order for the Caldillo de congrio. He tells us that it contains 300 kilocalories, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and blah-blah-blah. If he just told us that it tasted great and is good for health, we’d understand him right? We’d feel much more comfortable. So always remember use words that your audience can relate to. Hard language will confuse them simple language makes people trust you and therefore believe in you.

I believe that if you want to deliver something impactful with your words, you have to be original and you can be original if you reveal something, if you tell people something new, something that they’ve never heard of before. Now I can convince my students to learn English. You know what I can do it be by telling you that if you learn English you will be able to speak well, you will get a good job, etc., etc. I mean you’ve heard all of that before, am I right? But what if, I tell you how I learned English even though I am a non-native speaker. Now wouldn’t that make you listen to me? Isn’t that something no one ever knew? As you can see, when you reveal something new that no one knows, it makes your speech original and it makes people take interest in what you’re saying. Very soon I will tell you how I learned English in one of my other lessons. I want to tell you my secret. So guys reveal to your audience something that they have no clue about. That keeps the excitement going.

In school we were always told to make a great impression when we spoke. However I believe more in inspiring and not impressing because if you inspire people they will have a great impression of you anyway. For example, let’s assume you are a business person who wants to convince an audience of your new so-called venture, your new business idea, now if you are that business person don’t just impress them with a great business plan containing facts and figures, they’ll probably go to sleep. I would instead focus your speech on inspiring or showing them how they can be involved in changing lives, building opportunities and overcoming obstacles for anyone associated with your business. Always remember when people are inspired they will believe in what you have to say. So always go with an inspiration instead of creating a good impression.

As you know it does not matter how much you say. Now a lot of people have so much of information to give. The question is, do people listening to you really need all that information, can they really process all of that in one sitting? The answer is mostly, ‘No!’ Therefore, make sure you condense your information to that which you feel is most important, leave things that are not really required. That way you can avoid people from getting bored when you talk. Only give relevant details that can only happen when you make your speech condensed when you edit your speech. Yes make sure you proofread your speech and record it, ask yourself is it too long, is it too boring? Well if it’s boring you, it’s time to clip it. You know famous talk-show host Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globe Awards 2018 was just a 9 minute speech but she said everything she had to say and she did it amazingly well. In fact that speech has been voted as one of the best features of our time. So guys keep it short, condensed and sweet.

I believe it’s good to prepare what you’re going to say. Now when you prepare your speech you rehearse everything, after all you have to remember, don’t you? While that is totally okay. Make sure you sound natural, don’t sound like you’ve memorized your speech. Otherwise your words will just sound automated, like an IVR and frankly it will lack the emotion or the impact that you wanted to deliver. When you speak naturally you sound authentic, you sound passionate, like you believe in yourself and that makes people believe in you. To sound natural you must take pauses in your speech and emphasize on important words. Let’s say for example you are a recruiter, talking about jobs in the market, instead of saying this job is the most demanded one in the market, try saying it like this, “Today this job is most demanded in the job market.” Sound passionate, make people believe, you really care about what you’re talking about. So the rule is to avoid reading out of a script, sound natural.

To create a great impact, it’s important to show that what you say is not just something that is relevant right now, you must show that whatever you are talking about has always been relevant, even in the past. If you want to convince your friends to enter into a fitness program with you, you can talk about how so many people have done that in the past and they’ve now they are now living a healthy lifestyle. So if something has worked before, the rule is that it should work even now. So it’s important to link the past with current facts which will help you tell the audience that what you’re saying is really true. It kind of brings claim to your words.

Instead of just giving information, whatever you say it to, whoever you say it to, should always bring hope. That makes whatever you say feel very positive to listen to. It’s our responsibility to always make people feel that they can do and become much more than they already are. So always end your powerful speech or talk with a note of hope. On a college campus don’t just tell students to study in order to get good grades, talk to them in a way that gives them the hope of a better future with great education. Do that and see how glued they get to your words because with hope great things are possible and that makes people listen to you.

Well thank you so much for engaging with me on this video. Please let me know how these tips have helped you and which of these tips you’ve used or would like to use. Because I know if you do use them, you will also make a great impact with your words. I’ll be back with some more lessons but before I go, please don’t forget to like the video, subscribe to the channel and click on the bell icon to get regular updates of videos as amazing as this one. I’ll see you soon, take care and keep smiling.

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