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Phrasal Verbs – Dating

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When a couple is unhappy in a relationship, they decide to ________.


To go out with someone means :


Which phrasal verb means to make advances to attract someone romantically ?


When someone checks you out, it means :


If someone wants to make you interested in them, they :


When you have a good relationship with someone, it means you :


Richard asked Kelly out, it means he :


Why did you break into an argument with him? Here, the ‘break into’ means :


After a fight when you put all your differences aside, you :


When you deeply love someone, you :


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In this lesson, you are going to learn about the common phrasal verbs used, to talk about dating. A phrasal verb is a ‘verb’ followed by a preposition. It is a mini phrase, where the verb and preposition lose their original meaning once they are used as a phrasal verb.

1. Check out (someone)
Meaning : admire someone
Example : At the party, Sam couldn’t stop checking Jess out.

2. Flirt with

Meaning : to make someone interested in you.

Example : He started flirting with Jess.

3. Come on to (someone)

Meaning: to try to attract someone romantically
Example: Don’t come on to Jess, she may feel uncomfortable.

4. Hit it off
Meaning: to have a good relationship
Example: Sam and Jess hit it off really well.

5. Ask out (someone)
Meaning: Invite on a date
Example: Sam asked her out and she agreed.

6. Go out
Meaning: to date someone or see someone
Example: Sam and Jess have been going out since then.

7. Fall for (someone)
Meaning: To begin to be in love with someone
Example: They fell for eachother over a period of time.

8. Break into
Meaning: suddenly begin to do something
Example: One evening, they broke into a huge argment.

9. Break up (with someone)
Meaning: to end a relationship
Example: They broke up after the argument.

10. Make up (with someone)
Meaning: to forgive each other
Example: Sam and Jess made up by putting their differences aside.

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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free