Phrasal verbs about money – English Grammar Lesson

Another English Grammar lesson to learn phrasal verbs. In this English lesson you will learn phrasal verbs about money. Yes, its true well all talk about money, don’t we? So why not talk about money using phrasal verbs. Whether it’s the beginning of the month or the end, we always talk about money. So today’s a perfect opportunity to learn some verbs and phrasal verbs about money: having money, not having money, wanting money.

To save up – English lesson

To keep money aside from your daily expenses for a larger expense, such as buying a computer, expensive phone etc.

To cough up –  English lesson

To spend money for something you never wanted to.

To cut back –

To spend less money and save money for larger expenses

To fork out –

To pay for something, usually something you would rather not have to pay for.

To splash out –

To ​spend a lot of ​money on ​buying things, ​especially things that are ​pleasant to have but that you do not need, in other words to spend money lavishly.

To pay off-

To pay or return what is owed as a debt. OR To return money that you owe, usually credit card bills, your house morgtage etc.

Rip off-  English lesson

To charge someone too much of money for something than the usual price.

We hope this English Grammar lesson on phrasal verbs about money would be helpful to you. Use these phrasal verbs in your English conversation to become more fluent in English. Do not forget to subscribe to our English lessons, get notified for new free English lessons and become in your English conversation.

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