Phrasal Verbs related to clothing – Grammar Lesson

In this English lesson you will learn phrasal verbs related to clothing. Many people when it comes to speak about clothes they have only two words in their dictionary wear and remove. It’s always better to learn new words to expand your English vocabulary. During this English lesson you will start learning what  phrasal verbs you can use related to clothing. This English lesson will teach you different phrasal verbs, you can use in your daily conversation while talking about clothes.


Dress up

Putting clothes on yourself, or on someone else.

Example : The children enjoyed dressing up in their mother’s clothes.

Have on

Wear an item of clothing.

Example : Mr Smith had a football shirt on to go to the soccer match.

Slip on

Put on an item of clothing very easily.

Example  : She slipped on her flip flops before she went into the sea

Try on

To put on an item of clothing to find out whether it fits or is suitable.

Example :John  told Lara  to try on the shoes before she buys them to make sure they fit.

Kick off

To remove what you are wearing quickly.

Example : John was so tired she kicked his pants off as soon as she got home.

Throw on

Put on an item of clothing very quickly.

Example : Michelle  was in such a hurry, she just threw on a few clothes on before leaving the house.

Wrap up

To put some warm clothes on.

Example : John’s mother told him to wrap up something warm because it was very cold outside.

Put on

To dress yourself or someone else with an item or items of clothing.

Example : He put on his best shirt before he went for an interview.









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