Phrasal verbs with ‘put’ – put on, put through, put up with……

A Phrasal Verb consists of a verb and a preposition or adverb that changes the meaning. In this lesson let us learn the common phrasal verbs with put to use them in your daily conversation.

Put off – Postpone / To delay
Example – They put off the conference until next Friday.
Put up with – To tolerate 
Example – I can’t put up with him anymore,he’s driving me crazy.
Put through – To connect somebody on phone 
Example –     Could you put me through to the supervisor please.
It also means  – To make someone experience something very unpleasant
Example –   He’s put me through hell.
Put across – To communicate something
Example – I just want to put across my point to him.
Put down – to insult/humiliate
Example – My boss always puts me down in front of my co-workers.
It also means – Painless killing of an animal 
Example – Our dog was suffering so we had to put her down.
Put on – To become fat
Example – He has put on a lot of weight.
It also means – To wear something 
Example – Can I put on this dress for my birthday party?

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  • thank you very much for perfect explaining and wonderful lesson .

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