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Phrases to reconnect with old friends.

In this lesson, Niharika teaches you phrases that you could use when you meet a friend of yours after a very long time.

Oh my gosh, look who it is– it is a way of greeting a friend you meet after many years. You are surprised and happy to see that person after a long time.

I can’t believe it’s been ten years- you continue your greeting by expressing how long it has been since you last met.

It’s so nice to see you: you tell them it’s is such a pleasure to see them after long. It is a way of expressing your happiness.

Look at you! You look great!: This is a way of complimenting your friend. There must be so many changes since you last met your friend. It could be weight loss, or grooming in a particular manner.

How have you been?: After so many years, obviously you would want to know how has your friend bee? So, rather than asking ‘How are you?’, you should say ‘How have you been?’ as you are meeting after ages.

What are you doing these days? : You would want to know what is she doing these days, is she/he working, still studying or started their own business.

How are your folks?: means how are your parents. Your being courteous and kind to ask about your friend’s parent’s wellbeing.

How old is your…?: You may ask the age of his/her son/daughter, by asking ‘how old is your son/daughter?’

Have you kept in touch with John?: Here, you are asking about common friends or people both of you know. It’s a nice way to keep the conversation going.

Did you hear about Sarah’s surgery?: Here, Sarah is your common friend. So, probably you share some information you have about your common friend.

I am so happy we reconnected: To end your conversation, you would show your happiness of meeting after such a long time.

Let’s catch up again: is a slang for ‘Let’s meet up again’. So, you express your wish to meet again.

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