Learn 10 Creative English Phrases to Say ‘I Promise You’ confidently

Have you wondered why your English sounds basic, although you know all the grammar rules. It’s the choice of words you make in your every day English conversation. If you want to speak English fluently and sound impressive in English, you have to make use of uncommon and better English sentences to say simple things in daily English. In this lesson, I will help you replace the phrase ‘I promise…’ with 10 better English phrases, that would help you build your English vocabulary and speak fluent English.

Complete Lesson Transcript:-

Hey guys, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera. Today we’re going to learn different phrases and sentences that we can replace “I promise you” with. Well, why this? Why do I need to replace it when I can simply say I promise you? And that is because I think, promises are such dear kept secrets and, and things which are kept close to someone’s heart and someone trusts you when you say, “I promise you.” Well, why not explore it even more and go to the deep end and see what we find and replace that with much better probably dramatic phrases to make someone believe and trust us. Don’t you think we should go ahead and learn what these are? Well, I’m pretty excited about these.

Let’s start with the first one, “come hell or high water”. It’s very, very poetic is what I think personally. How can you use it? Let’s understand what it means, “come hell or high water, I will do it.” That in itself is a wonderful way to promise something. For example, you can say, “I will definitely visit you next summer, come hell or high water.” Which means no matter what, right? No matter, hell or high water, believe me, and trust me I promise that I will come and meet you. Another way to say it, “Come hell or high water, I will definitely score good marks this time.” Right? You’re promising something to someone by using this phrase, Right?

All right let’s move ahead and see what we have in store, “no matter what happens”. Of course, all these phrases actually mean, “I promise you” something or “we promise you” to do something but in different ways and forms this can be used in your daily life sentences. “No matter what happens, we must finish our work by today 7:00 p.m.” Right? “No matter what happens, we must cook dinner for ourselves.” Simple right? There’s another one, “No matter what happens, we have to make sure that the mother doesn’t find out.” Hmm okay. Different ways to promise yourself and others.

All right moving on from there, “A word to the wise”. This one is more like, it’s my word and you have to believe my word as I’m giving it to the wiser person. Probably someone who’s smarter than you are. Well, why is it usually means experienced, okay? It could be someone who is elder to you, Right? Or it could be someone who’s professionally experienced then you are or someone who is just simply wise and you seek advice from. Here you want to promise something to that person and that’s why you can and that’s where you can use “A word to the wise”. “Don’t worry your house will be safe, it’s a word to the wise.” That means your word to the wise. I hope you have understood this one.

Let’s move on to the next one, “cast-iron guarantee”. Well guys cast-iron is something which is really strong in nature and that is the strength of your promise, that you guarantee something and when you guarantee something you must pay consequences if you do not if you don’t follow through you’re guaranteed. So if you’re guaranteeing something to someone, if you’re promising something you must follow that promise and you can say, “Hey don’t worry about your house like the first example, like the example that we just saw, its cast it’s a, “it’s my cast-iron guarantee, it will be safe.” “Go ahead, have some fun, you can leave your child with me for tonight, it’s my cast-iron guarantee, that I will feed him, bathe him and put him to sleep and you have nothing to worry about. Well a sweet gesture from one friend to another, right? Moving from the cast-iron guarantee of course you can use this in your relationship as well, well you can say, “Don’t worry it’s our, our little secret, it’s my cast-iron guarantee, nobody will get to know, right? Very sweet.

Moving on from there, “cross my heart and hope to die”. I’m sure many of you must have heard this before. It literally means “cross your heart and hope to die”, that means you promise someone so much that if you if anything else happens beyond that, you’re ready to die for it. Of course, that’s not the truth but that’s the guarantee of your promise. That’s the kind of trust you want someone else to put in you, right? I’m writing this word so that you understand what it means, that you must trust the person so much. For example, “I cross my heart and hope to die, but I will make sure that yours, nobody gets to know your secret.” Well, I can definitely trust this person because he’s hoping to die, not really or not practically but it’s a way to guarantee some promises to one another, okay?

Let’s move on from there we have, “my word is my bond”. A strong way to actually promise something or assure someone for something and yes you may use it in your professional life as well because it is not too informal as well. “My word is my bond” which means that bond will not be broken. If I say something, I will do it. If I assure you that we will get so many tens and thousands of dollars of business, that’s my bond I will make sure that I get it for you. Or you want to say that you will impress certain clients and you can say, “Don’t worry, my word is my bond, the clients will be happy with us.” Right? That is what I’m saying that “my word is my bond”, okay?

Let’s move ahead from here, “I vouch for it” right? Another way to say a promise is to vouch. That means you can take my word for it in a different way you can use this formally as well it’s a thumbs up for using it professionally. When you say, “I vouch for it.” Probably you are a manager somewhere and your, your boss says, “Hey I don’t think this person is performing that well.” You can assure your manager saying, “Don’t worry boss, I vouch for him, I will make sure that he does better.” Simple but effectual. This will make, this will make sure that someone believes in you, all right? “I vouch for it.”

Moving on from there we have, “I give you my word”. Very similar to my, “my word is my bond” but again a phrase that has used so many times over and over again in order to express promise. That I will not break my promise, I will make sure that my word is maintained and I complete my promise and I do what I have told you, I will not break my promise no matter what.

Moving on from there, “I will be committed”. Committed to something, to a project, to a relationship, probably a relationship and simply to something an activity that you were supposed to perform and that you would be committed to it, probably a stage performance, right? That you’re supposed to do and you’re saying or you’re telling someone that, “Don’t worry, I will be committed to it, we will have a successful show.” Or, “We will have a blast, don’t worry about it.” A simple way of promising something to someone by simply saying, “I will be committed to it,” right?

Okay, guys moving on to the last one, “I assure you”. Another way to say I promise you just the way I say this every time every lesson gets over, “I assure you that no matter what happens, come hell or high waters I will be back with another interesting topic just like today.” Until then makes sure that you’re smiling, you’re practicing, spread a lot of love this is me Meera signing off for the day guys, ciao.

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