Polite English phrases to offer help.

This spoken English lesson is all about how to offer help to someone by using polite English phrases. As sometimes we are not sure if the person we want to help will really welcome our assistance or not. Hence in order to avoid a sticky situation we will look at a couple of phrases ranging from casual to formal.

I will (do something) –   

I will pick the kids from school.  This is a phrase you can use when you are sure that the person you are offering help to, will definitely welcome your help. It’s
casual and friendly.

Let me (do something) –

Let me adjust car the seat for you. This is a phrase that can be used when you want to be more polite yet friendly and casual.

Why don’t I (bring the groceries) –

This phrase sounds like a question but it’s used when you are a little unsure if the person would be happy to receive your help. Once you get a positive response you can help the person.

Do you want me to (bring some bread from the market)-

This phrase is used when you are unsure if your help will be welcomed so you are being cautious. A positive response is perfect to proceed.

Would you like me to (fill up your water bottle?)-

This phrase is formal and used with someone you don’t know much. You can use it in an office with colleagues, neighbours who are new to you etc.

I can( find you a pair of shoes)-

It’s formal and can be used in a customer service environment for example.

Can I (get you something to eat.) –

You may use this phrase with guests, relatives you don’t meet often, it’s formal and polite.

I’d be happy to( schedule a meeting with you.)

Use this phrase with a client possibly. It’s formal and very professional.

May I (offer you something to drink)

This phrase sounds fancy and formal. You could use it at a party.

So these are a few good English phrases to use when you wish to be offer help depending on the situation.

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