Use of Present Perfect Tense in English Conversation

Hello friends! In today’s English Grammar Lesson we are going to learn about using an important Present perfect tense is for daily English conversations. We often need to use Present Perfect tense to talk about any event that started in the past but is still relevant today. To make sure, that you master the usage of this tense, keep watching this English Grammar lesson with on Let’s Talk.

It is important to learn how we form Present Perfect sentences – Subject + have/ has + Verb (Third form). Let us now learn some useful English phrases in Present Perfect tense.

I’ve known her for ages: To know someone for a very long time.
Example: She is my best friend since school; I’ve known her for ages.

I’m having a tough day: Since the day started, until now, I am having a difficult day.
Example: The boss has been nagging me since the morning; I’m having a tough day at work today.

This is the first time I have been here: This phrase is used for something that is done for the first time.
Example: This is the first time I’m hearing this song, glad you made me hear it.

I haven’t done it yet: This phrase is used for an incomplete activity.
Example: Please don’t ask me about the homework, I haven’t done it yet.

I’ve had a great evening/ time: This phrase is used to tell someone about the great time you had with them.
Example: We should catch up more often; I had a great time with you.

I’ve had enough: This phrase is used for a situation where you can’t accept a certain behavior anymore.
Example: I can’t bear your conversations with Jack, I’ve had enough.

Have you heard? : This phrase is used to break a news which means to share a news.
Example: Have you heard about John and Rachel’s wedding? I’m so excited.

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