How to reassure and encourage someone in their bad times?

In this Spoken English lesson, you would learn some useful English expressions to reassure someone. Problems are inevitable, there are problems at work, in personal life, with friends and colleagues, at home. No one in this world has escaped problems, So if you have to reassure someone to stay motivated and move on in life these English phrases are great and come handy while speaking English.

Don’t worry you will be fine –

You could always use these phrases with a friend or a family member or even with a business colleague, who are facing some difficult situation in their life. This phrase would work like magic to someone who is worried way too much. It would help them to show confidence in the situation.

You are doing the best you can-

This is an ideal phrase for someone who is in a sticky situation. Maybe a bad marriage which eventually leads to a divorce, you want to extend your support and get the person’s morale high, then use this phrase.

Let me a give you a hug-

A warm hug makes a lot of difference, this small physical gesture makes someone feel a lot better when they are down in the dumps.

Know this is hard + a positive statement

This is a best you to acknowledge and agree with someone that they are facing a difficult situation, but always add a positive statement after this phrase such as ‘I know this is hard but you are not alone’. It’s a nice way to extend support to someone and let them know you are there for them to support them and they could rely on you.

I am always there for you.

This is a best to show that you are a great friend or a great companion. This phrase talks about support to someone in their bad times.

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