How to set realistic Goals & Achieve them successfully?

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Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible…. Tony Robbins

Hi, My name’s Aakash and you are watching Skillopedia – The place to learn skills for the real world. Well,this is my first Skillopedia session. I was going through the comments you guys have posted on our videos, a Lot of you people have requested for a video on how to achieve goals or how to achieve success in life, So, here it is. In this video I wanna share with you a 5 essential steps for achieving your goals faster. Now, Instead of giving you lengthy explanations, I decided to do something very short, that is easier to remember and implement for you. So, Let’s get going….

Be specific with your Goals

If you want to reach towards your goals faster you need to Be specific about what you want to achieve
Now, Most people don’t know what they want to do with their goals, and even after thinking hard, they don’t come up with anything they really want to do in life. This is one of the main reasons that in spite of so many resources available on success, motivation, goal setting,  most people just live an average life. Let’s look at an example – Say your goals are- You want to earn a lot of money. You want to buy a car. You want to lose weight and look great, you wanna run a marathon. All these goals are great, and I am sure many of you out there have these goals in mind. These are super common goals. But still, I could say around 90% people are unsuccessful in achieving these very  simple goals. Have you wondered why only 10% are able to achieve these simple goals, what is that, they do differently, that they reach these goals or achieve them faster. It’s simple – they are specific.  Now, what do I mean by – being specific, Say you want to achieve or  earn a A LOT OF MONEY, what is a lot of money? How much money? You are not specific about it, is it  1000$, 10000$ 1 lac $ or 1M $, how much guys. Be specific.

You want to buy a car, which car, a hatchback, a sedan or a luxury brand. Which one, again you need to be specific about it. You want to lose that extra weight and run a marathon, but how much 10, 20 or 30, how many kilos. Unless and until you are specific you wouldn’t be able to set a target. The moment you are specific, you would start visualizing things better. I want to earn a million dollars, I want to buy a BMW 5 series car, or I want to lose 30 kgs. Now, these are specific goals. Or I could say these are productive goals or quality goals. The moment you are specific with the picture of what you wanna achieve, The picture is gonna be pretty clear in front of you and you start asking yourself how, how should I achieve this? So guys be specific with your goals, otherwise you are just shooting a bullet in the air meaninglessly and without specific direction.

Set Goals that motivate every single day

As we have looked at setting specific goals. Now let’s take a step further. Now, When you set specific goals for yourself, it is also important that they motivate you. Now What do I mean by this,  let me decode this for you, this means making sure that they are important to you, they are close to you  and there is value in achieving them. When you set your goals, Ask yourself a question, Why do you want something in the first place? Imagine If you have very little interest in the result of your goals, or if they are not so relevant to you  then the chances of you taking the real effort in achieving them are less and very very slim.  Also you need to set realistic goals, goals that you could achieve, goals that are within your limits and reach. I call this WALLET SIZE GOAL SETTING. If you set unrealistic goals, that are out of your limits, you would be certainly demotivated on the path of achieving them and your motivation is certain to die and you are sure to leave them half-way. Now what are realistic goals, let’s look at an example. As we looked earlier, you wanna earn a lot of money. Say, You set your goal to make a million dollars a year, and presently you are earning around 100,000 dollars, now that’s a quite an over ambitious goal. You need to introspect on your skillsets, whether with your current skillset you could really reach your goal of ACHIEVING THAT amazing figure of 1 million dollar. If you don’t possess the required skills or don’t have the required resources to achieve that Million dollar goal, you are certain to lose motivation mid way. So make sure you set goals which are within your reach. In short, Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of the bed every single morning

Set high priority goals

Now that you have set goals that are realistic, specific and within your reach. You need to also keep in mind that you set goals that are of high priority in your life. It means you need to set goals that are important to the situation in your life. Now if you don’t set a priority for your goals, what’s gonna happen is, you can end up with far too many goals to achieve, leaving you very little time to devote to each goal. Remember goal achievement requires dedication, commitment and focus. So, to make sure that you reach the finishing line of your goals and make them succeed, you need to feel that sense of urgency, you need to have that ‘I MUST DO THIS’ attitude. If you set too many goals, your focus would get divided on less important goals. This could result in giving less focus to important goals in your life, leaving you feeling disappointed and frustrated with yourself, and that’s de-motivating for you. And what’s gonna happen is, you would end up in a very destructive “I can’t do anything” or I can’t be successful at anything” that’s going to be your frame of mind. So make sure you set high priority goals and pay less attention to smaller or irrelevant goals.

Taking action on your goals

Now that you have set goals, it’s time to take action on your goals. How do you that, well you need to define a timeline for your goals. I want to earn a million dollars, but when? In a year’s time. I want to lose weight 30 kilos, in six months, If you set deadlines, This will provide you with the necessary focus and sense of urgency to turn them into reality.To set a deadline you simply need to ask yourself one question – By when do I want to achieve my goal?
List the steps down, you need to take, such as signing up for a course, studying, reading, developing the required skills, going to the gym, working out, looking out for new opportunities and many other steps you need to implement that will take you closer to achieving your goal. Take action and follow the steps on your list. Don’t just wait for things to happen. If a certain plan, say plan A  doesn’t work, look for an alternative one. Look for plan B. Some goals aren’t worth achieving. Circumstances and people change. Some goals lose their importance. It is a good idea to re-examine your goals regularly and weed out the worthless ones or the irrelevant ones.

The visualization technique to get a first-hand feel of your success

Now this is the most important step to reach your goals faster – In life and work, success begins with a goal. It could be losing weight, earning that 1 million dollar, quitting smoking or starting your own business. Big or Small, goals give us purpose and, they are  like a compass, they  keep us headed in the right direction. Of course, it  takes lot of hard work and determination to reach your destination.Now Unfortunately, many of us remain stuck at the goal stage. We start out with good intentions and perhaps have a plan of action, but then we can’t seem to make it happen.  Before we can believe in a goal, we first must have an idea of what it looks like. To paraphrase an old saying : “We must see it, before we can believe it.” This is where picturization technique comes in, which is simply a technique for creating a mental image of a future event. When we visualize our desired outcome, we begin to “see” the possibility of achieving it faster. Through visualization, we catch a glimpse of what it is, in other  words it’s the  “preferred future.”  When this happens, we are motivated and prepared to pursue our goal in life. Now don’t get confused,  I am talking about with the “Just think it and you will be able to do it” advice which is given by a lot of popular self-help gurus. I am not asking you to daydream things and they will happen, of course you need to take action. I am asking you to just visualise the success of your goals so that you could get a first hand feel of it. CONFUSED? Let me give you an example, if your goal is to run your first marathon, visualize yourself crossing that finish line in the time you desired. Remember we talked about being specific. Hold that mental image as long as possible. What does it feel like to pass that finishing line, looking at your watch, the cool air on your overheated body? Just imagine Who is there to greet you as you hit the finishing line? Your family? Your Friends? Other runners? Imagine that excitement, that satisfaction, the thrill you will experience as you walk feeling exhausted in their arms. Now that’s visualization or picturization I could say, you get the first hand feel of your success.

But please keep this in mind that Visualization does not guarantee success. It also does not replace hard work or practice.  It is just a powerful way to achieve positive, behavioral change and create the motivation required to achieve your goals.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by letting your dreams get bigger than your abilities. In other words don’t  set hard goals for yourself, just make sure they’re attainable. There’s a great quote that says, “It’s funny how day by day, nothing changes but when you look back everything’s different.” So,One year from now, you’ll be one year older no matter what. How you plan and act on your goals today will make you  feel really different and really satisfying a year later. That’s all for today, I hope you found this session useful and motivating, press the like button and subscribe to our channel skillopedia, and don’t forget to press the bell icon, so that you would not miss any of our skillopedia sessions. I would see you soon with another great video, till then stay motivated and act towards your goals. Bye….

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