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‘Shall I’ OR ‘Will I’ – which one is correct with future tense questions?

Finished watching the lesson, now it’s time to take a test to see how much have you learned from this lesson.

1. ____ I answer the phone?


2. ________ we learn something new in class tomorrow?


3. _______ I forward you my documents on email?


4. _______ we feel cold there? I am not carrying anything to wrap.


5. _______ I turn off the TV? You are anyways busy reading.


6. _______ we meet tonight at the bar?


7. _______ I receive the parcel today?


8. _______ we speak to him today about his appraisals?



9. _______ we need some money for tomorrow?



10. ______ I help you with your homework?


Question 1 of 10

‘Will’ and ‘Shall’ are used in the future tense. But, at times it is confusing when we have to use them to make a question. In this lesson, you will learn when to use ‘shall’ and ‘will’ to make a question.

Shall I/We: is used when the person who asks the question is offering to do something.

  • Example: Shall we wait for you? (we are offering to the action of waiting. If ‘will we’ is used, it would not make sense)
  • Example: Shall we invite him to the party?
  • Example: Shall I listen to his advice?
  • Example: Shall I send you a piece of cake?

Using ‘will’ in the above questions would not make complete sense.


Will I/We: is used when you ask general questions, where you are not initiating an action or offering to do something:

  • Example: Will I get a call from him?
  • Example: Will we receive an invitation for the party?
  • Example: ill I ever know the truth?
  • Example: Will I recover soon from the viral?

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4 thoughts on “‘Shall I’ OR ‘Will I’ – which one is correct with future tense questions?”

  1. navss says:

    mam you taught really well but still have confusions because there are some sentences in which we can use both shall and will
    lets take a example from one of your questions asked above in test
    _______ we meet tonight at the bar?


    don’t you think both can use here

    Please reply

  2. subhashs820 says:

    How to use “Having said that” phrases.

  3. morli says:

    please explain use of having in English………..

  4. manbir says:

    thanks for this lession .mam,i havealways been confused reading and writting about TO,when and where will be correct use.please bring a lession about TO

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