07 types of toxic people you need to stay away from.

In our lives, we build relationships with various people. Some relationships are successful and some are harmful. Life is so fast and stressful. You don’t want to burden yourself with toxic people as you want to be productive and achieve success.  In this Skillopedia session you would learn about 7 types of toxic people you need to stay away from in your life.

There are certain types of toxic people you need to stay away from.


As we know, great minds discuss ideas, average minds events and small minds discuss people. If you mingle with gossipers, you are certainly not going to achieve your goals, you won’t improve yourself as a person and you will be considered as a very negative person. So, it is best for you to stay away from gossipers.

The Victims:

These are the next lot of people you should not hang out with. It is difficult to identify the victims as in the initial stages you tend to empathize with their problems. You try to understand and help them out. As time passes, you realize they are way too pushy on you. They complain and crib about everything. So stay positive by staying away from victims.

The Envious People:

There are people who appreciate your bad times rather than your success. They are not happy about your victory. They intimidate you when you are on your path to success. There are people around you who are doing way better than you.  In order to be like them, you need to work hard and improve yourself. You cannot depend on envious people, they will never appreciate your efforts and will be ready to put you down whenever they get a chance.

Arrogant people:

Arrogant are the next type of people to keep at bay. Such people always consider you as competition and put you down by their arrogance. Arrogance stems from lack of confidence. It is easy for people to be rude and throw tantrums.

People who criticize:

There are people who criticize you because they don’t like you. Feedbacks are constructive and motivating. Criticism is more of negative remarks about you. People who criticize you enjoy putting you down front of others. So, stay away from such people.

Mood swingers:

There are people who have mood swings, like super happy on one day and grouchy on the other day. They need to be self-controlled. Some people have a childish outburst, you are not here to listen to them. So it is better to get rid of them.

Judgmental people:

Such people form an opinion about you. Different people have different passions and enjoy doing different things. Such people make you feel terrible about your dreams. So don’t be around such people who keep forming opinions about you.

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  • Hi! I’ve really enjoyed this “lesson” about toxic people. Congratulations! Last year I got rid of a boss making reference to at last 4 or 5 of the mentioned categories. Good bye!!! Ahhh, I finally can breath pure air now!!!!

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