06 tips to control your negative thoughts & emotions.

Have you ever been controlled by your negative thinking and negative thoughts and ended up confused with certain decisions in your life? This Personality development video by Skillopedia is certainly for you, Learn 6 simple ways to overcome negative thinking and thoughts and clear your mind to take rightful decisions in life. You could also join our personality development course at our Let’s Talk Spoken English Institute in Mumbai.

1.Be aware of your triggers

If you know that you struggle with emotions like anger or fear make sure that you are aware of the circumstances that that trigger them. So if someone creates any negativity through their actions you can take control of your thoughts and emotions by being mentally prepared.

2.Know the situation well

Sometimes we have negative thoughts because we know only one side of the story. It’s important to know the exact situation so that you don’t get upset with anyone for the wrong reasons.Make sure that you know everything before you react to a situation.

3.Write it down –

It’s an old way of trying to change your negative thoughts into something positive. If you start writing down the information as to when you got upset and the reasons too, you will have something like a journal to look back at and understand exactly what upsets you.This will be a great way to do some self-analysis

4.Speak up –

How many times have you told someone that his or her actions disturb you? It is true that people’s actions can affect us. It’s important to let them know that their actions trouble you. You need to speak up and let them know, so that you stop building negativity inside of you.

5. Take time away

When you feel extremely negative its important to take some time away from that person or situation. Wait until you feel calm and you have given yourself some time to think and then react.

6.Be patient

Last but not the least you need to be patient since it will take time to incorporate these tips in your life. You will need to be consistent and focused to be able to control your negative thoughts.

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