8 tips – How to make quick and confident decisions?

You have to take a decision now and time is ticking. Do immediate decisions panic you? If yes, then you might just be a victim of indecision. In this Skillopedia session we are looking at 8 tips to overcome indecisiveness. I am going to share with you some tactics that will help you make better decisions. My name is Michelle.

Stop the analysis-paralysis

Overthinking about a decision does not make it easy but makes it harder to come to a final say. When we start counting all the things that could go wrong we actually have a long list of why we shouldn’t proceed with the decision. However, we also need to list the good aspects of the decision to look at it from a positive perspective.After, you have taken a decision you shouldn’t analyses the results because that only increases the anxiety.

Sleep on a decision

Some people practice sleeping on a decision which means to take days and months to decide on something. If you have to decide on something important instead of sleeping on it, allot about 2-3 hours to it, take a sheet of paper and write down the pros and cons of the decision. This will give you enough opportunity to analyse the decision. Once you have listed the pros and cons, weigh one against the other. This will help you take an informed and thought after decision. Sit on the decision but don’t sleep on it.

Follow the 10-10-10 strategy

  • For every quick decision that you take, ask yourself three questions:
  • What will be the result of the decision 10 minutes later?
  • How is it going to impact me 10 months later?
  • Will I bear any fruit of this decision years later?

These questions will help you consider the present, middle term and future effects of this decision that you are planning to take.

Write down your problem

Writing down a decision helps you register it. It also gives you enough time to calm down your worries and decide without any prejudices aiming at the good of all and not just personal gain. When you are confused about something, writing generates ideas and quite a few times you may just find new solutions to your problem.

List the pro’s and con’s

Cons is the cost that you need to pay for a decision i.e. the side-effects or possible negative result of a decision whereas pros are the positive results of a decision.
If the pros are more than the cons, you know you can decide in favour or else you may want to look at another solution to your problem.

Hit your history books

Research about the decision you are making so that you can learn from the experiences of other people. Speak to your business owning friends about a business decision, consider their opinions but decide for yourself so that no one would use you to their own advantage.


Speak to your close friend for a personal suggestion about the decision that you’re confused about. This will help you look at the problem from a different perspective.

Trust your Gut

Sometimes feelings are a better guide than logic. If you strongly feel about a matter than give some weightage to your gut feeling as well. Going by the rationale could lead you to decide too practically.

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  • Hello Michelle, hope you are doing well. I have been through few of your English training videos on this website and on Youtube as well.
    You are absolutely awesome Michelle. The way you teach things in a simple way helps a lot. God bless you!

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