Skillopedia – 06 Phrases smart people don’t say

In this Skillopedia session by Niharika we are going to look at certain English phrases that you need to drop out of your vocabulary immediately. There are certain phrases that smart people do not use because you never know how people would interpret them and showcase your negative attitude. So it’s important for you to use similar phrases that would make you sound confident, however in other ways and that’s what we are going to help you with in today’s session. So which are these career killers phrases that you need to drop out of your vocabulary, watch the video at Skillopedia – the place for good communication skills and personality development.

It’s not fair

Of course life is not fair. We do want our life to be just perfect, but that’s not reality. Life is never fair but you can’t really use this phrase in front of people because when you end up using this phrase people would think that you are absolutely immature or naive. It’s important for you to stay constructive. For example, well there was this really important project that you wanted to work on, but your boss assigned it to one of your colleagues. Now you are really upset about it. So what do you do? You walk up to your boss and you end up saying, hey that’s not fair. Well no. you are not going to do that. You are going to go up to your boss and you are going to ask for a feedback. You are going to say that, “hey I was really looking forward for this project and I was really wanting to work on it but you assigned to John so what’s the reason like is there anything that I need to improve on?” Well that’s how you put it. So stop using the phrase, that’s not fair.

This is it how it works always

Are you really very lazy? Now, if you end up telling people, your boss, your colleagues or your clients that “hey this is how it works always”. Well it shows that you are way too lazy and you don’t want to improve on things. All you need to work on yourself, you need to bring in new things in order to improve your work. So stop using this of a phrase and look forward to changing your work style.

I am going to ask you a silly question

Another commonly used phrase which is sure shot a career killer is, I’m going to ask you a very silly question. Well no question is silly, no question is stupid. Many people tend to do that. I know this is a very silly or a very stupid question. Well this means that you are not confident about yourself. Do not judge yourself, do not be your worst critic. You need to come out confidently. If you have a question, if you have any kind of information or any idea that you would like to share with your team members, with your clients or with your boss, just go ahead. Be confident about it

He is such a jerk/incompetent/lazy

The next common phrase that people use is, that he is such a jerk, he is absolutely incompetent. He is so lazy. You need to stop doing that. You cannot really go ahead and start announcing or form opinions about others. By doing so, it just shows that how insecure you are about yourself. Now if you don’t have the power to improve them or if you don’t have the power to fire them, then what’s the point of announcing or broadcasting them as lazy, incompetent  or jerks. That’s not going to help you.  So, it’s important for you to just understand that there are times that we do live with difficult people, we do work with lazy, incompetent jerks. But there’s no point by announcing them as one of these lazy, jerk people

It’s not my fault

The next phrase that people end up using is – it’s not my fault. Yes there are people who love to play the blame game. It’s not my fault, it’s coz of him. It’s because of her that this just went wrong. Well stop doing that, it just shows that you lack accountability. There are people who are going to build this negative image about you, you start pointing out fingers. People are going to really avoid working with you. If it is your fault have the courage to admit it. If it is someone else’s fault well let your boss or your colleague figure that out. You don’t have to be the one to point out fingers and by saying that hey it’s not my fault.

I hate this job

The most important phrase that you need to drop from your vocabulary is, I hate, I hate, I hate. There are people around you, who end up using this phrase way too much. They love to crib and complain about everything. I hate my boss, I hate my job, I’m so stressed. I hate my colleagues, I hate everything. Yes, if you hate your life or your job or your boss so much, it’s time to quit. Stop spoiling the work environment. There are people around you who want to feel motivated and encouraged. End up being so negative, you are spoiling the work environment. Try to work on things that would improve your life. Try to do something that you would really want to and like to.

So this brings us to the end of this session today. It’s time for you to eliminate these phrases if you are using them because this will make you  a complete negative person. So please do eliminate these phrases from your vocabulary because they are definitely not used by smart and successful people and do follow us on Skillopedia, the place for good communication skills and personality development.


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