Slang words to express disappointment.

In this spoken English lesson you will learn to use slang words to express disappointment & sadness. Disappointment is not an easy thing to face, and expressing sadness or dissatisfaction is all the more difficult. Most of the times you don’t want to mention any details so to cut it short use the slang terms below related to sadness and disappointment. These are slang English words and you are not supposed to use in a formal situation.

1) Bummer / Bummer Days – Something that depresses or disappoints you is a bummer or any unpleasant situation or disappointing experience you face for couple of days are called as bummer days.
Example – I have been sick all week,bummer days!
Example – Getting stranded at the airport was a real bummer.

2) Boohoo – An exclamation to represent the sound of someone crying noisily or sobbing.
Example – Boohoo,nobody loves me!

3) In a funk – To be sad
Example – I’m in a funk today.

4) Burst one’s bubble – To be disappointed because of something.
Example – We had planned to go for camping but the rain burst our bubble.

5) Soul sucking – Depressing
Example – I need a break from the soul sucking job.

6) In the dumps – Feeling sad or depressed
Example – He’s been in the dumps since she dumped him for another guy.

7) Butt-hurt – to be upset , usually by a friendly insult
Example – I was just kidding,don’t get butt-hurt.

8) Depressica – Refers to a female who is depressed over a guy
Example – Mary has been a depressica after she broke up with John.

Complete Lesson Transcript :-

You know it's very difficult to face disappointment and expressing it it's all the more difficult, right? Hello everyone , I am Niharika and in today's lesson we're gonna look at some slang terms to express disappointment or some word that would help you to talk about sadness but they are all slang terms, Now of course it's very difficult to face disappointment and expressing it it's all the more difficult, right? So at times you don't want to get into details like people would love to dig into your life and would love to ask you questions about why are you so sad and why you so upset and you really don't want to get into details, you just wanna  cut them off, so these are the right words that you can use, okay. So rather than just crying your lungs out just use these words. So let's get started, the first one is bummer or bummer days, now bummer is a situation that depresses you, or you really feel frustrated or really upset about something so that situation can be called as bummer.... being stranded in a line or being stranded at the airport was such a bummer so you are really disappointed with the way everything was going in the airport like you were stranded in the flights were delayed so you are not very happy about it so you can use the slang term as bummer, okay.  Now, Bummer days.. Now bummer days you can use it for the days that you have been upset so probably you've been upset because you were sick throughout the week so you gonna say I've been sick throughout the week uh...bummer days you see so you are upset ok these are the two slang terms that you can use when you are upset, okay. The other one is boohoo now this is a very kiddish slang term but it is an exclamation of unhappiness or it is an expression of representing the sound of crying. Crying nosily or sobbing. You know how kids cry? Boohoo. So it represents, like you know how kids say boohoo nobody loves me! So, boohoo is an exclamation that you can use that you can say it loud when you are really upset about something.
The next one, Blargh. Now, blargh is another interjection or exclamation of unhappiness. Ok! Like “I broke up with my boyfriend, Blargh!”  So you are just kind of using an exclamation to show that you are sad, you are upset or you are depressed. Ok! So that’s another term that you can use.
The next one In a Funk.  In a funk is when you feel really sad or just when you are down. Down or maybe you are very sad. “SO don’t mess with me today I am in a funk” I am in a funk because I am upset about something. So probably you don’t want to get into details , you don’t want to tell someone why you are upset , then just use this, I am in a funk today, so I am in a bad mood, I am sad, I am upset. 
The next one burst one’s bubble. Now a situation that disappoints you a situation that upsets you , is when your bubble is bursted.  So a situation that upsets you or disappoints you or someone who upsets you well that’s when you can use this slang term or a slang phrase. Well for example you thought of camping the last weekend however it just didn’t stop raining it burstedout bubble so basically it dis[pointed you so much because you were all set to camp last weekend with your friends and the rains well, that was not really great, you were upset about it. Right! So this is one of the phrase that you can use. 
The next one soul sucking. Soul sucking is something or someone who is extremely depressing. Or, something that depresses you way too much.  So for example, probably at your work place there is this one person who keeps annoying you, probably he is your boss, who keeps annoying you and you are just so done working for him.  For example my boss is such a soul sucker, basically it means that he depresses you way too much or my job is so soul sucking. SO, probably you are not very  happy with you job, It depresses you way too much and that’s why you are using this term. 
Then the next one is butt hurt. Now, that sounds funny right?  Well, what does it mean? Butt hurt, it means you know when you get a little offended or when you get a little upset because of a friendly insult, probably a friend is just making fun of you and you get upset, or you are a little offended then you gonna say “Hey I am a little butt hurt” Ok! So it means that you are a little upset. So it’s just because of a friendly insult you get upset or you are upset because of a friendly insult. Or probably you just insulted someone, and you think that person is a little butt hurt right now so you gonna say “Hey I was just kidding, stop being butt hurt “ so this means stop being upset . Right! So this is the way you can use this term. 
And then the last one, Depressica. Now that’s quite an interesting word Depressica ,Yes it is a slang term used for a female who is very depressed over a boy. So probably her relationship has failed with her boyfriend and now she’s really upset about it.  So the woman who is very upset or depressed because of her relationship with her guy can be called as Depressica.  So a female who is upset over a guy. SO a female who is extremely  upset because of a guy, because maybe she had a break up or the guy cheated on her and that has quite depressed her  or disturbed her  then she can be called as Depressica.  Ok, like my best friend, she broke up with her boyfriend and she is a depressica now, Ok! So that’s the way you can use the term.  So hope you like these terms, start using them, you will really sound very fluent in English. But, remember these are all slang terms so you can use it in a very informal way, don't use it at work would not sound really great. But yes, you can use them when you are with your friends and family.  I will be back with a new lesson, till then take care and be happy don’t be sad. Right? I will be back, take care.

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