Smart ways to answer – Could You Help Me?

In this Spoken English lesson,  you will learn formal and informal ways of replying to “Could you please help me? ” We are generally asked this question in English, so why not learn Some useful English phrases ( formal & Informal) to answer this very common question in English. Watch all our free English lessons to improve your English speaking and speak fluent English confidently.

Formal ways – At work,  it is always better to reply formally.

Welcome: is a formal way of saying you are ready to help someone.

Certainly: a very affirmative reply

Of course: another way of saying certainly

That’s absolutely fine: it means you are okay with helping someone

It is nothing: that means it is a small task

It is my pleasure: a very formal way of saying you are happy to help


Informal ways: With family and friends you can use informal ways.  But avoid these at work.

Sure thing: is an informal way of saying certainly.

No worries: is similar to ‘it is nothing or that is absolutely fine’.

Cool: the most informal way of answering affirmatively.

It’s all gravy: means the task is simple.

No probs: probs is a slang for problem.

No sweat: another way of saying ‘it’s all gravy’.

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