10 Smart English Conversation Starters to start a conversation with strangers?

Starting a conversation is always tricky, why not learn some conversation starter phrases that would be helpful in awkward moments. In this English speaking practice lesson with Meera, learn 10 smart conversation starters. A lot of students have this question in mind – How do I start a conversation in English with strangers, well learning some fixed English phrases would be helpful as these English sentences are quite commonly used by native English speakers for small talk. I am sure you would love these English phrases and would use them the next time you want to start a conversation. For more such lessons subscribe to our channel, we have a library of more than 1300+ free English lessons to improve your English and make your speak fluent English. The topics covered are English Grammar, Improving vocabulary, IELTS training and coaching, English for competitive exams, Tips and tricks to learn English Faster and easily, Enhancing communication skills and much more. We have more than 35 learning centres offering English speaking course for various levels. Each English class is well-structured and well designed for students and adults.

Complete Lesson Transcript :

Hey guys, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera, your trainer for the day. What do I have for you today? I have got something that a lot of people face problems with and that is how to start or how to begin a conversation. Usually people end up with dead end questions. You know what dead end questions are? Oh so you like this music. Yeah. What’s after that? It’s a dead end. There is no conversation and that is why people have so much trouble actually conversing with someone or having a nice and a healthy conversation with anybody and I’m going to help you figure out how to begin a conversation and it will naturally flow into a long set of sentences, conversation in short, okay?

Now to begin with really, quickly, ‘how do you know…?’ The reason why this is here is because, imagine yourself at a party or at a, in any gathering or even a formal socializing event and then you are invited by a common person. Only one person is hosting a party or the event and that person has invited all of you so you can always go up to someone and you can ask that person, ;Hey how do you know, Sam’ Or ‘How do you know Kim’, right? Now what will happen is eventually that person will tell you that ‘Oh1 I know Kim from school and that’s why I am here” and they will ask you in return, oh how do you know Kim?’ So you, Oh she was my colleague last year, but she shifted to another company, but we are still friends and that’s why I’m here and that’s how you can build up on that base, that you have met together and you’ve met there at that event by just one single person knowing the both of you so that’s a great conversation starter you guys

Moving on from there, “what wheels you drive?” Now this conversation is a very, very common conversation between two men, or two guys or two boys, of course above eighteen that is when you are eligible to drive, that is. Okay you can always start your conversation with, “Hey, what you like driving?” or what wheels do you drive?” That means you are asking someone do you like this particular car or do you like a Jeep or a Volvo or a Mercedes Benz, what is it that you enjoy driving? And that is how you can build conversation then I will tell you what I usually end up driving. May be I have two cars one is for highway or probably travelling from one city to another and slowly and surely you guys would have met at a common point and then you would speak about it and then start your conversation accordingly. Well now let’s say that the person doesn’t drive okay? Usually this is for a car but what if that person doesn’t drive? Then that person will tell you that “Um, actually I don’t like driving so much but I love cycling or I love riding a bike and then again you can start a conversation. What you need to make sure is that there is no dead end question at any point of time, okay?

Let’s move on, okay so let me just write here quickly, you can drive or ride, any option is fine for a nice conversation. “You look familiar…” Hmm now this is something that you can start a conversation with, there are lot of times when you feel that, “I have met this person or I have seen this person somewhere, I’ve spoken to this person but I just cannot recollect where exactly. Well don’t you worry, if you have a good faith or if you have, if you don’t have anything wrong in your mind or incorrect in your mind, you can go there with a very pleasant smile and ask that person, “You look familiar, you look like someone I’ve met in my college, is your name Courtney? And probably that person will tell you that, “Um no sorry this is not Courtney but Hi my name is Johnathan, and then you can, that’s how you can start a conversation, okay? So you can say you look familiar, have we met before? Okay?

Where do you come from? I personally think that this is a great question to begin any conversation, why? Because usually it’s a place or a city or even a country that really excites the other person, Once you’ve said that Hey where do you come from? I’m from Goa, okay? and then you can start saying Oh I love the beaches I’ve heard so much about it or I’ve seen the images on Google and I think it’s really awesome, what a great place, How come you are here? I’m here for work I’m going to go back to Goa, would you like to join me? See how the conversation is rolling into a nice and healthy talk with one another you get to know new people and that is how you can make new friends. That is how things move on in a conversation.

Moving on from there, Oh like I said before I miss out on anything, obviously when you talk from when you talk about City prospective you can talk about food, music and so much more and there is so much depth to this conversation Especially when you start with “where do you come from?”, okay? Now moving on, “Your Tee made me laugh.” that means your T-shirt, Do you know why I’ve put this here because these days T-shirts come with great one liner phrases or really, really intelligent one liners or jokes or probably even images that’s difficult to solve and once you get it, you are like “oh my god that is funny” Because of these funny T-shirts you can always go like oh that was really funny let me go and compliment this person so you can approach that person and say, “Hey, you know what, your T-shirt made me laugh. I had come and talk to you.” Okay? And that person will say thank you or probably say something that you can start a conversation, Okay?

What a small world. Okay, you have met someone for the second time, this is for someone whom you are going to meet again, what a small world, remember we had met at Kim’s party?” That is how you can put things together, alright? That is when you say, “oh, that’s such a nice, it’s pleasure meeting you, what a small world.” It’s good to see you again, what a small world. You are basically trying to say that here we go, here we meet again and I had thought I would never meet you, okay?

Again next up we have, “what are you into?” Now this is usually about getting to know people, what are their likes, dislikes, whether it’s what you into what music are you into, okay? Or what food are you into? What parties you usually attend? Or adventure sports, of course. So sports and various activities and that is how you can then tell what do you like doing, what do you like, do you like food, or do you like sports more and then with this base you can continue your conversation.

Hey, Amazon or EBay. Now usually, you are someone who scrolls on Amazon or EBay quite a lot and then you go out probably you see someone’s phone or a T-shirt or a particular bag and then you go like, hey is that Amazon or EBay? And there you go, that’s a nice click, they say that these days since all of us spend so much of time online, why not start a conversation that is, when it comes to social media, or online, then the person will tell you whether I actually got it on Amazon. You can always say that I remember seeing this on EBay I was just about to buy it but then I forgot about. And that’s how you can start yet again.

Moving from there we have, Looks like a great thing.” Now instead of thing you can always replace it with different things such as, looks like a great drink”, okay? Looks like a great Tie, maybe, Okay Tie, alright? Um and that is how you can complement someone and yet start a conversation that Hey that’s a great drink? What is it called? Oh maybe even I will order one. Do you usually order this? And then you can continue.

Okay guys moving from here we have actually reached our last destination of the conversation Phrases, What are you, what are your thoughts on?” Okay? What does this mean?, Now um you probably have met someone and you have recently um there’s some incident, there’s some major thing that has happened, it could be about literally about anything, about new phone about new technology, about politics, about anything absolutely that you find is common between the both of you. And then you can say, Hey, what’s your thoughts about that phone?’ or what do you think? Do you think we would actually end up going into space all of us? Or what are your thoughts on… And you can add on whatever you feel is common between you two, Well I would always talk to people about, Hey what are your thoughts on long distance running or What are your thoughts on sports, or that do you like gym, cycling, running, trekking? What’s your choice? And that’s how I start a conversation. Well I welcome all of you in the comment section to stat a conversation and let’s see where it goes, let’s see if all of have understood this lesson pretty well. You guys keep practicing make sure that you write in comments, I will be back with another interesting topic for you guys right here, until then keep smiling, spread lot of love this is me Meera signing off for the day guys, ciao

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