Smart ways to improve your Non-Verbal communications skills.

 This Spoken English lesson is all about non verbal communication. It’s very important because our body speaks a language too and if it’s not right, then we may send out the wrong message.

Facial expressions

Our facial expressions and our words should always match. Sometimes when we are thinking about something else and responding to someone the wrong expressions show on our face and that can create a misunderstanding. So please be careful with your facial expressions and make sure they match your words.

Relaxing and being natural

Especially in an interview it’s important to show confidence as soon as you face or speak to the interviewer. You should sit confidently and make eye contact. Ensure that there is nothing in your hand which can cause a distraction for you or the person you are speaking with.

Hand gestures

Our hand gestures can express so many things without using words. We use our hands to wave, say ok, say something is nice or good, etc. For example if we want to say something is not good we show a thumbs down.


Make sure that when you speak to someone you always show that you are listening to them by saying things like, I understand, ok, I see, etc. You could also nod your head in agreement and to show that you acknowledge. This will help the person to see that you are interested in the conversation.


It’s important to maintain a straight posture while sitting and standing. This shows confidence. For example you shouldn’t fold your arms or cross your legs while sitting. It shows that there is a barrier between you and the speaker.


Your voice is your best friend. One should use a polite tone to avoid sounding sarcastic or rude. Even if you use the nicest words but your tone is negative then you have lost the battle already.

These are a few tips to use non verbal communication to your best and make it work for you.

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