How to speak English with your EYES? Learn English Verbs to express with eyes

How to speak fluent English easily and faster? Probably that’s what you were searching and you happened to click on this English lesson. This English lesson would teach you some Smart English words that would help you improve your English fluency and make you speak English fluently. Learn verbs that are expressed with eyes, sometimes our body language or expressions do a lot of talking than our mouth. These smart English expressions or Vocabulary are used to talk about different expressions related to the way we see or observe things. Learning new English words would only make your English better and improve your English fluency. If you learn better and more words in English, you would never fall short of them while speaking and would have linger English conversations. We always fall Short of the correct English words, when we want to describe something, improving your vocabulary balance will solve this issue. make sure you use these verbs in your daily English conversation to sound smarter and fluent in English.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Can you sneeze with your eyes open? I don’t think so. But there are various other actions that you can do with your eyes. So in today’s lesson we are gonna look at different English verbs that would help us to describe the actions that our eyes make. So let’s have a look. Hey friends I am Niharika and welcome back. Well when we talk about different verbs related to our eyes the very common ones that we use are watch, see and look. Like we see something with our eyes we watch something with our eyes and we look at something with our eyes. But then there are different verbs that you can use instead of using these common ones. So which are these words? Well we have it right here for you I’ll help you to understand them and of course how to use them in your conversation. So we will start with the first one which is “gaze”. Have you heard this before? Like gazing at the Stars is the most wonderful thing. Yes! You do gaze at the stars in the night. So gaze actually means to look at something or to look at someone with admiration you know when you find someone who is super gorgeous, very beautiful and you just gaze at that person. Well you are looking at that person with admiration. Okay so the next time you would not say that, “oh he was looking at me” well rather than using the word look you can use the verb “gaze”, okay “he gazed at me all night long” but probably because you are so pretty, okay? Moving on to the second verb that I have which is “peek”. Have you heard this before? Peek-a-boo! Well peek means to have a quick look. Probably a secret look. For example, “could you just peek outside and see if the audience is settled down?” So which means someone wants you to go check or have a quick look to see if the audience is settle down. So peek is to have a quick look, alright? Moving on to the third verb that I have for you is “stare”. Well when do you stare at someone? Well stare is to look at something with wide-open eyes probably you’re looking at the person with surprise or you’re just giving a blank look at someone. So that’s staring. Like how men stare at women, ah, that’s absolutely disgusting. But yes so stare means to look at someone or something with wide eyes open it’s like a blank look okay? So it’s a blank look with wide-open eyes. Moving on to the fourth one is “blink”. Blink, blink… well yes to open your eyes and to shut them. So it’s like a quick movement, that’s blinking, okay? That’s how you blink so that’s very simple many times or probably English learners don’t know the exact word to use when you open and shut your eyes quickly well that’s to blink, okay? That’s blinking. So to blink is to open and shut… to open and shut your eyes quickly. Moving on to the next verb that I have for you well that actually rhymes with blink, “wink”. Well when do you wink at someone? So it’s just in a very flirtatious manner or in a joking manner like when you crack a joke and you want to express that with your eyes your like, like this okay? So when you just open and shut your eye, just one eye quickly there are people who can try to wink with both their eyes I can’t do it I can just do it with my right eye like this so that’s winking, okay? So to wink is to open and shut one, one of your eye and when you’re joking, you probably crack a joke or probably you’re flirting with someone okay in a very flirtatious manner you wink at the girl or the boy, right? Moving on to the next verb that I have for you which is “pop”. Now you don’t really pop your eye out, okay? Well the meaning of the word pop is pretty much similar to stare but pop is when you look at someone or something in surprise, when you’re astonished to see something and your eyes go wide open okay like this, like you’re shocked or you surprised, you’re astonished. You your eyes pop, okay? “Why are you popping your eyes, well this is nothing great? Okay so when you actually open your eyes wide open in surprise or in shock. Alright moving on to the next one is “roll”. Well have you seen people rolling their eyes, like their eyeballs? I can’t do it well I kind of try to do it but I fail to do it. Well rolling your eyes is basically when you move your eyeballs round in circle okay especially when you’re annoyed at someone when you’re really angry at someone or someone just said something so stupid or so something so strange that you roll your eyes with anger or with irritation okay like probably when a small kid comes to you and says something really silly and you’re like ah okay so you roll your eyes with anger or frustration so that’s rolling your eyes. So when you move… so when you move your eyeballs in circle okay you go round the eyeballs go round when you’re angry or when you’re frustrated, right? And then the last verb that I have for you to describe an action that your eye makes is “ogle”. Now ogle is when a person stares at you with the sexual attraction or sexual desire okay so that’s ogle. There’s a difference between stare and ogle, stare is when you just look at someone with wide-open eyes but ogle is used when a person is looking at the other person with sexual desire like for example my friend attended a party last night and she told me that there was this guy who ogled at her all night long, okay? So he wasn’t really flirting but yes he was looking at her in a very sexual manner, right? So to look, to look with sexual desire is to ogle, okay? So the next time you are talking about someone’s eyes, probably you’re looking at something or you are seeing or you’re watching something well rather than using the old verbs and very, very boring verbs try using these verbs right here. So these are eight different verbs that you can use, so start using them in your conversation and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care.

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