Speak English Like A Celebrity! Posh English Words Used By Great Public Speakers

I am sure you are working quite hard to improve your spoken English. If you want to speak English fluently, stop using basic English words and learn advanced English vocabulary. In today’s English speaking practice lesson you will learn some Posh English words mostly used by great public speakers and famous people, this makes their English sound different and fluent.

Now it’s your chance to learn these advanced English words and make your English sound like a celebrity. Use these words in your daily English conversations and impress people with your English. I am sure that using these unique words and expressions will help you speak fluent English and become more confident in speaking English.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Well let me introduce myself to you all, my name is Hridhaan. The spelling of this name starts with an ‘H’, which is quite interesting for us all to know actually, it’s H R I D H A A N. Well first on the foremost thing I’d like to welcome each one of you with a very big heart because that is what, is the meaning of my name, welcoming you on this channel with a very big heart. Today we have a very interesting lesson, because in this lesson we’re going to be talking about something that adds a little bit of spice to the way you speak. Now everybody speaks English, but what sets us aside from other people is the pronunciation that we use, the vocabulary that we use and most interestingly also to the same list, the sentence structures that we use. How you can add some nice vocabulary, celebrity-like vocabulary that people use well the PRs tell them how they use it, but here Hridhaan is going to tell you, how you use it, to speak better English at just the click of a video, so let’s get started. The first phrase that I have brought in for you guys here is, “la-dida”. La-dida primarily means, a person with pretentious tastes. Do you have a friend in your life who’s always like, always preferring classic tastes, the person does not like anything normal, for example if the person goes out for a dinner, the person would not want to have Indian cuisine but the person would want to explore something that is quite different and that to not naturally, just to show off maybe and have that pretentious attitude. Another example, if the person goes out, shopping for a, for a perfume let’s say, the person would not want to buy let’s say, a normal perfume of a normal brand, the person would choose higher brands such as a Chanel, etc. So a person of higher taste is called, ‘pretentious’ higher taste is called a, la-dida personality. Use it in your daily life because it is going to add a lot of value, when you speak it people are gonna listen to you carefully and they would want to also use it in their lives as well. Let’s move on to the next one, the next phrase that we have is “a cash cow”. What is a cash cow? Another very, very interesting phrase. A cash cow is primarily a business, let me write it for you, a business that gets you a lot of money. If you have a business, and not just a business but also a job that gets you a lot of money, that business or a job is called, a cash cow. For example, let’s say, let’s say, Apple, let’s take the example of Apple, wherein iPhones, are a big cash cow, for the entire brand, Apple because they, they are being sold at the most. So Apple iPhones, iPhones primarily, are a cash cow for the brand, Apple. So do try using it in your daily life. Let’s move on to the next one very quickly, we’ve got “a paper tiger”. Very similar to a cash cow, ‘a paper tiger’. Do you have a person in your life who pretends and who shows that he is very dangerous and very big, etc. But in reality is not, that person is called a paper tiger. Basically a person who shows, that person is called paper tiger. For example, Mr. Mr. Mr. Robin was shouting yesterday but everybody in society knows that he’s just a paper tiger and he cannot do any harm to anybody. That person is a paper tiger. I hope you have understood it and you try using it in your daily life. Let’s quickly move on to the next one, “the Big Cheese”. Big cheese is primarily that person in your life, that that that that handles everything. For example, who’s the big cheese in your family? Somebody who manages the family. Well a lot of people might as well say that, their fathers are the big cheese in the family. Well could possibly be. In the organization that you work, who is the big cheese? Let’s say, the CEO would be the Big Cheese, because that that person handles everything or your manager could be the Big Cheese as well. So a Big Cheese is somebody who is atop everyone, it can be in your family or it can also be for that matter in the organization that you work as well, so personal life and professional life both we’ve got big cheese as well. Do you have a girlfriend who is the big cheese in the relationship? Might as well. Let’s move on to the next one, we have, “cut to the quick”. Now when I ask this to people, what is cut to the quick? People and when I speak it in my natural speech, people think that cut to the quick primarily means, coming to the point, but here is the trick, cut to the quick actually means, I just write it here, I hope you’re able to read it, it primarily means hurting someone. So for example let’s say, if somebody has hurt you, for example, if siblings are fighting and somebody is hurt and somebody has hurt you, that person, that situation in that particular situation, you can use cut to the quick. For example, oh I was cut to the quick when my sister slapped me. So when somebody hurts you, that’s when you use, cut to the quick. Let’s quickly move to the last five ones, we’ve got “born-and-bred”. I think you have guessed the meaning right, bred here does not mean the bread that we eat. Bred here means, I was raised. So I’ll just write the alternative that people use it, in the situations, ‘born and raised’ or brought up as well, is something that people use most of the times… I’ll just write it here for you, born and brought up. Next one, “A red–letter day”. Let’s quickly move on to this one, a red-letter day is when you see the red color what do you understand? Well something dangerous? Well this is not related to something that is dangersum as such per se, a red letter day primarily means, an important day. For example you could be going for an interview that is a red letter day for you. Well if I start making, if I start making let’s say, ten millions a month, that is a red letter day for me. The first day primarily, because later it becomes a habit. So the first day when you start doing something new, an important day, it’s called a red letter day. So I just quickly write it for you here, an important day. “A fair-weather friend”, who is a fair weather friend? Well I think most of you must have guessed it right, a fair-weather friend, is a friend who is a good friend, only in your good times. Friend, fair means good weather, so when your life has got a good weather, that person is a friend only then. So we can write it, a person being good friends only in your good times. How many of you have got a fair weather friend. “Rule the roost”, are you somebody who leads everything in your group? Are you always the shining star in your group? Well if you have a group of friends and in that, in that group there is one person who always shines, one person who is always leading the things, that person is called, is called as ruling the roost of the group. It’s a person who leads. Coming to the last one and the most important one and I think one of my most favourite ones as well that I use in my daily life and that is, “cardinal sin”. Cardinal sin primarily means, the biggest mistake of your life. Let me just write it for you here, the biggest mistake. So I’m not going to lie, let me share with each one of you, on this very open platform what, what is the biggest mistake of my life. I think, I think when I first got the job, I did not tell my mum first and she was really engraved about that fact, she was really furious. I told my grandmum first, as to what exactly I had got in, and she wanted her, to be the first one who wanted to know what was it like, but the job that had got in actually and that was quite prestigious title, I think that was the cardinal sin that I had, that I had done. Not that I did not tell my mum, but I think I could have told both the ladies together, you know the ladies and stuff, so yeah… So cardinal sin is the biggest mistake in your life. This brings us to the end of this video and I want to tell you that I had a wonderful time with each one of you and I really appreciate you guys sticking to the video and I hope most importantly that you make use of all of these vocabulary in your life and talk like a celebrity.

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