Speak English Like A Star With Perfect Pronunciation | How to Pronounce R correctly in English?

The letter ‘r’ in English is found in many English words. Many people find it difficult to pronounce the /r/sound correctly in English. I have read in some online article, you could give a wild guess of a person’s English speaking skills with the way the pronounce the letter ‘r’ in English. Do you think that’s true? Maybe! However I have come across many people how get the r sound completely wrong.

There are three different rules to pronounce /r/ in English. If you want to sound fluent in English, you should when to pronounce and when not roll your r’s. This English pronounce and accent reduction will help you learn the correct pronunciation of the /r/ sound in English. Get it right, and go out there and flaunt your English, thank me later. Thanks for watching!



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