How To Speak Fluent English Like A Native? English Pronunciation Tips For Slang English Contractions

Wondering, why doesn’t your English sound fluent like native speakers? You use the same vocabulary and pronunciation is quite good and understandable. So how can you speak fluent English like Native speakers? Well, the answer is – Native English speakers use a lot of formal and informal contractions in English such as – gonna, needs, lemme, outta, Ima, tell’em, sorta, gotcha, cuz. These all are examples of informal contractions. I am sure you have heard them in movies or Netflix series and you go wondering, what did he just say.

If you want to make your English fluent and speak English naturally, the way it is actually spoken, you have to learn English contractions. However these contractions are not used in written English, but are certainly used in spoken English. In this English speaking practice lesson you will learn how to pronounce these informal contractions correctly. Your English teacher Hridhaan, has given you plenty of Pronunciation exercise with the help of example sentences to use them correctly while speaking English. These contractions are always used in daily English conversations. Make use of them in your everyday English conversations to speak English fluently and confidently.

Gonna – I am going to
I am gonna take a trip to Singapore

Lemme – Let me

Lemme grab a bite and then we will go to the mall.

Needa – I need to
I needa buy a new pair of denims.

Outta – I am out of here
I’m outta here, need to grab some sleep.

Dunna – I don’t know
I dunna wher’s Mary, I haven’t spoken to her in months.

Ima – I am going to
Ima outta here, it’s super late, have an early meeting tomorrow morning.

Tell’em – Tell Them
If my friends drop in, tell’em I’ll call’em

Sorta – Sort of…
It’s sorta good, but we could still make it better.

Gotcha – I have got to
I gotcha visit my parents this weekend, else they will certainly disown me.

Cuz – Because
You gotcha pay the bills today, cuz I have no money left in my card.

Hasta – Has to
He hasta work on his diet, to lose weight faster.

Hafta – have to
I hafta start learn to drive, taking a uber is damn expensive.

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