Speak Natural English – Phrases with dead, that doesn’t mean death

A new English lesson by Rima at Let’s Talk – Free English lessons to learn some useful English phrases which have the word ‘Dead’ in them, but they don’t mean actual death. These English phrases are often used by native English speakers in their daily English conversation. Practice these English phrases and speak fluent English naturally.

Dead end:

Meaning- an end of a road or passage from which no exit is possible
Example – The hospital is at the dead end of the road.

Dead beat:

Meaning- an idle, freckless, or disreputable person
Example – Chase is always idle, he is a deadbeat.

Dead meat:

Meaning- used to suggest someone is in serious trouble
Example – Jack is dead meat!

Dead to the world:

Meaning- fast asleep.
Example – Ryle falls dead to the world by 8pm.

As good as dead:

Meaning- being in a very bad situation with no way out.
Example – Almost dead, he was as good as dead.

Dead of the night:

Meaning- The quietest, darkest part of the night
Example – I woke up at the dead of the night

Dead on my feet:

Meaning- Get some sleep
Example – You must be dead on your feet.


Dead set against:

Meaning- strongly opposed to
Example – They were dead set against seeing any more open spaces divided up.

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