English Expressions To Describe Different ‘Moods’

In this spoken English lesson you will learn some interesting English phrases to talk about different moods in your English conversation. You can often understand how people are feeling from the expressions on their faces, they are reaction which show us how others are feeling, for example: frowning eyebrows express anger, wide smile displays a happy mood. In this lesson you will learn ten expressions that you can use to talk about your mood with others.

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Expressions for being ‘HAPPY’

Broad smile on the face. –

Means that the person was very happy and her mouth was showing a very clear smile
Example: When my little sister sees her father come back from work she always has a broad smile on her face.

Beaming from ear to ear-

Shining with a smile that stretches wide, can be used when someone is extremely happy.
Example: Children were beaming from ear to ear when they saw ice cream.

Expressions for being  ‘SAD’

Why the long face?

Common question that we ask when somebody LOOKS VERY SAD/ UPSET.
Example: a) What happened? Why the long face?

  1. b) You’ve just got a new job, a new house – you should be happy! Why the long face?

Expressions for being ‘ANGRY’

He was wearing a frown –

Means that he was looking annoyed or concerned and his eyebrows were lowered and forehead wrinkled.
Example: When Elena walked off after the argument with John he was left there wearing a frown on his face.

Grimaced/ Winced-  

A wince or a grimace are expressions of pain and / or disapproval. They are brief reactions to something unpleasant. (To contort one’s face to indicate displeasure, disgust, or pain).
Example: She took another drink of his coffee. ‘Awful,’ she said with a grimace.

She gave me a dirty look –

A dirty look is a way of showing anger or disapproval (staring hard at someone in an unfriendly way).
Example: I got a dirty look from the teacher when I cracked a joke in class.

He was purple with rage (fierce anger) –

The person is so angry that parts of his face has changed colour to purple.
Example: She was purple with rage when she saw the teacher scolding her child.

If looks could kill –

This expression is mostly an unfinished conditional sentence. It means that the other person was looking very angrily or aggressively at somebody.
Example: I’ll never forget the expression on my boss’s face when I turned up late for work fourth day in a row.

Expressions for being ‘SURPRISED’

Raising Eyebrows –

People in the UK raise their eyebrows to show surprise or disapproval.
Example: She raised her eyebrows when she saw me with Karin at the restaurant, she didn’t expect us to be there.

Expressions to  ‘TO INSULT SOMEONE’

Looking down the nose at someone-

Means that the person is showing that he thinks the other person is ‘lower’ in importance or social status.
Example: Just because he’s rich he looks down his nose at us.

We hope this spoken English lesson has helped you to learn new English phrases when it comes to talking about different moods. Use these English phrases in your daily conversation to improve your English communication skills and become a fluent English speaker.


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