English expressions used at the Airport

 In this spoken English lesson, Tash is going to tell you about the common English expressions you hear when you are at the airport (Airport English). Sometimes we are asked certain questions but we do not know how to answer them appropriately. This spoken English lesson will teach you a few English expressions and announcements that you encounter when you are travelling by air.

What is the purpose of your trip? :

When the officials ask you this question, they want you to tell them your reason for travelling. Your reason could be for study, leisure or a business trip. So, answer this question properly and don’t be arrogant.

Did you pack this bag yourself? :

While frisking your bag, they may find something that you have carried which were not supposed to. That is the time they ask you this question. So, to avoid further questioning and inspection of your bag, it is better to say, “Yes, I packed it myself.”

Please do not leave your bags unattended:

This is the worst thing to do. When you want to visit the wash room, request a co passenger to keep a watch on your bag while you are away for a few minutes. If you leave you luggage unattended, the security people are going to question it and look for you.

Do you have anything to declare:

When they ask you this, they mean is there anything in your bag for which you have to pay duty? There are certain things you can’t carry from one country to another without paying duty, like foreign exchange, liquor etc.

Flight BA333 is now boarding:

This is an announcement made for passengers who are waiting to board their flight. So you have to alert when you are waiting to board your flight.

Flight UA666 has been delayed:

This announcement is made to let the passengers who are to travel on that flight know that the flight is delayed. This could be a technical issue, poor weather conditions or any other reason. SO, you have no choice but to wait.

Paging for passenger Joe Page to come to the inquiry desk:

Here, ‘paging’ means ‘calling’. This means he has been called to the inquiry desk.

This is the final call for BA111 to Paris: There are people who have not boarded their flight despite the announcement. They are supposed to be on the flight but not there yet. This is a final call for those people who haven’t boarded the flight.

We hope you found this spoken English lesson useful and learn some useful English expressions used at the airport. Use these English expressions in your English conversation to improve your English communications skills and speak fluent English.

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