09 Different ways to say ‘I don’t believe you’

In this Spoken English lesson, Rachna is going to tell you different ways of saying ‘I don’t believe you’. Practice these English phrases so that you don’t  sound boring while speaking English and would come out as a Fluent English speaker.


Yeah right: is a way of saying I don’t believe you.  It is a sarcastic way of saying ‘I don’t believe you’.

You’re kidding: a jovial way of saying ‘I don’t believe you.’ A very nice way to say it.

You’re pulling my leg: This is similar to ‘You’re kidding’. When you don’t believe the person is speaking the truth, this is a lighter phrase to use.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration: use this phrase when a person says something that is unbelievable.

He’s stretching the truth: There are times you know a person is lying, but you can’t be direct and say, “Hey, you are lying.”

He’s not telling the whole truth: When a full truth is not shared, use this phrase. People may edit a story and tell you, it is partially true.

She’s being economical with the truth: Another nice, polite way of saying, “you are lying, I don’t believe you.”

It sound’s fishy: it means something is amiss and there is no truth in it. Use to say that something doesn’t sound true.

That’s an outright lie: this is a blunt way of saying ‘I don’t believe you’. It is best to avoid using this phrase.

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