Talking about skills and Talent in English

What do we mean when we talk about talent? Someone who has special natural ability or aptitude. In this Spoken English Lesson we will learn English phrases to improve your English when it comes to talk about people we admire for their natural Skills and talent.

Everyone one is good at something or the other, so let us learn to appreciate that. Here’s what you can say :-

To be good at (something) –

This is a common expression to appreciate the skill or talent that a person possess.

Example – My brother is good at swimming.

 To be born with (something) –

This is an expression used for a person who is exceptionally good at something. A skill that just comes naturally

Example – My sister is a born dancer

Head and Shoulder above –

To be much better or superior than the rest.

Example – My boss considers me head and shoulder above the rest of the team.

To be one of a kind –

To be unique or extraordinary

The new employee is one of a kind and definitely not easy to find.

To do something in one’s sleep –

This expressions means that one could easily do something that they are good at, effortlessly.

Example – She can play music in her sleep as well.

To have a magic touch –

To have a special ability to deal successfully in any difficult situation.

Example – My mom has a magic touch when it comes to cooking.

To have an eye for –

To have a natural ability for seeing or finding something good.

Example – My brother has an eye for good phones.

To have a Hidden Talent –

To have skills or talent that no one knows about and surprises others when shown.

Example – Wow, you have a hidden talent of dancing!

Use these English phrases above to discuss people’s skills and talents.

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  • thank u soo much mam……i have been listening ur lessons for two years…but today i logged in and giving u a comment…before this i just used to take ur lesons from youtube……u r doing soo good job and i m thankful to all of u that u help us in improving our english…..May Allah give u a reward of this…..i m from pakistan…and i love and respect all of u….i also listen mam rachna,tash,cima,ria,rima,but mam niharika u r the top teacher of ESL……THANX ALOT…..AND please mailing me every new lessons……and i will be waiting for ur reply…..thank u soo much… my salam to all letstalk team……

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