Stop Saying ‘Real’ – Learn 12 Best English Word Replacements for ‘REAL’

Has your spoken English become dull and boring because you use the same words repeatedly? If you want to speak fluently, try out some new English words. In this English speaking practice lesson I am bringing your some great English words with their meanings that could replace the word ‘REAL’. I love using these words in my daily English conversation as they are perfect to describe the degree of smoothing being real. 

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everybody, welcome back to let’s talk this is me, Meera. Today we’re going to talk about certain things which are ‘real’, why did I choose this word? Because I have observed that a lot of people struggle using the correct word or even phrase or even slang language for that matter when it comes to real things. Let me ask you guys, think about it when I ask this question, what all things can be real? So whenever you think of using the word real what all do you connect it with? Did you think about it? Okay I’ll tell you what, we think about real as objects could be real, right? Places could be real, documents could be real, feelings could be real, right? General vibes or atmosphere could be real, obviously documents are also real, right? But all these words right here actually are just different words used to describe the word ‘real’. Like I said the correct word for the correct situation especially when we want to identify something as ‘the real thing’, okay?

So let us begin the class with the first word as ‘de facto’. Now de facto means things which are in effect at this point of time are currently are working and that is what you mean when you say de facto. So de facto means in practice okay, or in effect okay? So what more all things can be de facto? Well your training schedules can be de facto in practice, in effect. Your umm probably computer languages or the coding that you’re doing for your offices could be de facto and in working and which is currently in process right now, which is being used right now, which is in effect. Laws can be de facto as well which are in effect, which are in practice, okay? Would you remember this? De facto for things and situations which are in effect or in practice.

Alright moving from de facto to ‘tangible’. Tangible usually comes down to things which are which you can touch and feel, okay? So I’m gonna write here touchable. You would find that a lot of companies these days special, specifically the ones which sell items or objects, usually have their sales or marketing system or plans in more tangible ways. So often you can go to a supermarket and you would find customer service people or the workers from those, those companies coming to you and saying that, ma’am would you like to have a bite of our new dip or salsa dip or would you like to taste few of our chips? They are basically getting you through a tangible experience a touchable experience so that it’s not just an advertisement that just showcases on your YouTube channel or on your TV sets but the ones which you can taste, eat, touch, feel and then believe in it has a real thing and that experience is called tangible experience, alright? Tangible is touchable.

From here we’re going to move on to ‘unquestionable’. Well the reason why I this on board is because these things when it comes to unquestionable anything which is so real that you don’t even need to question is which is undoubted. Unquestionable which is without a doubt, right? No doubt. So, so well if you ask me about maybe we’re playing truth or dare and I have to talk about truth, all right? And you asked me a question and I for which I give you the answer that yes I do have a twin sister and you don’t know me yet. You would say, hey don’t that’s not true that’s not real you’re lying I said I would say no doubt or I can say unquestionable it’s the truth I do have a twin, right? That’s just an example of how you can use unquestionable or are you coming to office tomorrow without doubt or unquestionable I am which is again in reality, in fact which is the truth, okay?

Moving on from unquestionable we have ‘palpable’. Well guys you might have heard of this word quite a lot of times where palpable is usually connected with vibes and feelings which people can literally feel or sense. Do you, have you ever come across a situation where you can literally feel someone’s anger in the room? Or have you come across a situation where you feel someone’s chemistry glooming or blowing in a room? Feelings which actually you experience, right? Those are palpable, palpable and real. So when we talk about palpable we usually talk about feelings, okay existing, existing feelings or vibes, right? Okay so let me just put this, alright? Vibes or feelings which are so real that you can feel, okay? So you can always say that the energy in the room is palpable, which means you guys are so energetic that I become energetic because of you all. Now that’s the kind of atmosphere and vibe certain classrooms or meetings or offices have. Or the love in this room is palpable that means someone is in love and um it’s so strong that you too can feel it or sense it that is palpable.

Moving on from there we have ‘concrete’. Concrete simply means things which are existing solid, right? And that is why it’s that real when things are so concrete sometimes your decisions are concrete, right? You have solid decisions are you sure you want to change your career path from being an engineer to a stand-up comedian? I’m absolutely concrete about it. I’m sure about it and it’s that is why it is real, okay? Now that is also concrete probably your relationship could be concrete as well which is existing which is real, all right?

Moving on from concrete we have ‘genuine’, which means there is no other copy of it, there is no, nobody can copy it or there is no copy or documentation off the same thing, it could be just an object, it could be a painting, it could be someone’s personality or characteristics even, right? So genuine means something which has no other copy of it. True, no copy, right? Which is absolutely true, the one and only without another copy. You might have heard this genuine leather, right? That means it’s true it’s the real rather it’s real leather, okay? Genuine truth, genuine human being, right?

From moving from genuine we have ‘authentic’. Now what does authentic mean? Authentic means anything that is reasonable, right? So something that you can say that hey my earrings are authentic or the gold that the jewelry that I’m wearing is authentic, right? Something that is reasonable, okay? Now here you can use it with so many things again, like I said someone’s personality could have been authentic, someone’s jewelry too can be authentic, which is quite reasonable and real at the same time.

Okay moving on from authentic, we have right here ‘certain’ okay now certain again means I’m absolutely sure about it, okay? Sure about certain things and that is why it becomes real there are you sure that you want to go to Mount Everest? I’m most definitely certain about it and I will go for it and that is what certain means and that is why it also connects with, connects with real okay? Certain is real.

Now moving from certain we have ‘valid’ right there. Now valid basically means something that you can prove that it’s again it also relates with existing, right? So valid is something that you can prove, okay? Although valid can be used for we you might have heard medicines and the validity of medicines that means for how long it can be used for right? And it can actually mean that it is fine to use it for so many days after one year the validity of the product is actually over, right? So you that is where you use the validity after which you must throw the medicine or take another one with existing validity, okay?

Moving from validity we have ‘legitimate’. Legitimate is something that you can reason with logic or even legal rules, okay? Logic all or legal rules. Information is legitimate that means it is definitely based on logic, correct logic and legally it is correct, okay? That is legitimate and that is also connecting with real information. Legitimate information, real information okay?

Now I actually have few slang words for you and you probably might know these so this is the ‘real deal’. You might have heard usually probably in American TV serials or some movies that hey don’t worry about this you can borrow this car this is the real deal. They’re basically trying to tell you that we are not trying to fake it, we aren’t trying to scam you, this is the real deal you can go for it and you can seal the deal, okay? Not fake, okay? Something that you can put your faith in and go for it or buy it, okay?

Moving from real deal we have the last word slang term most mostly it’s ‘get real’. Now there are some times you probably face situations with your friends or family where someone’s too emotional or not so practical about certain situations. Well you might find yourself saying this to that person, hey get real, you are not being real right now, you’re being completely unreasonable and you need to get real. Which means get out of your depression zone or get out of your imaginary zone and get into real business not imaginary which is again face facts. Face facts and face reality is simply what it means to get real, all right? But make sure that you do not use these slang terminologies anywhere in your professional life make sure that it is reserved for only those who are your close ones your near and dear ones who would take you not would not take offense of it, okay?

Well this is all for today. I want you to, I want to make sure that you guys use these terms especially when you want to talk about things which are real, feelings which are real, documents which are real or advices or statements which are real. Well with so many words in your pocket today, I’m sure I have made you at least two words richer than what you were five minutes ago. Well I will see you soon with another interesting topic until then make sure that you’re practicing, make sure that you’re smiling, spread a lot of love, this is me Meera signing off for the day guys, bye.

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